Why pirates close their one eye

What do you think is the reason the pirates close one eye? The reason it's pretty much makes sense. 


1. Blindfolds Help Accelerate Light Adaptation. 

Pirates have a duty to monitor what is happening above and below the deck of the ship. On the top deck of the ship, pirates have to set the direction of the ship's control. While on the lower deck the pirates set the crew responsible for seeing the condition of the ship's damage.

The upper and lower decks have different conditions. While the lower deck is very dark. The difference in light requires eye adjustment. 


2. Closing Your Eyes to Adapt to Dark Conditions. 

It's a bizarre things that they are so comfortable just having a one eye open. It turns out, If you get used to closing one eye, the eye will adapt to dark conditions. With this ability, according to researchers, pirates can adapt to dark conditions all the time.

We always comfortable with two eyes open so it's pretty much uncomfortable for us if we have a one eye open like them. 


3. It's been verified

According to American military records, in 1995 soldiers were instructed to close one eye when they encountered bright light. This is done to adapt to the dark during night operations. 

There no actual study that said from history of pirates they're close their one eye. But, without a doubt having a one eye open it's keeping in the night is more successful than with the two eyes open.

Even FAA, recommended for pilots that they have to close their one eye when they using lights for protecting several degrees in night vision. 


Now that the discussion of pirates is over. Who is your favorite pirates??


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