Why preschool children should not be scolded?

Why preschool children should not be scolded?


A child is the result of the parents working together.

No one but you were involved in the process of producing the child.

You are faced with the result of your joint work and if you do not like your child's behavior, it is entirely your fault. 

After all, the child inherited everything from you. 

If you cooked soup, and after tasting it, you do not like the taste of soup, you will not blame the soup itself, right? 

The soup had nothing to do with it. 

You made the soup, and now you can judge the quality of your work. 



The fact is that before you started creating a new person, you didn't take care to change yourself for the better. 

The first thing you both needed to do was to become what you wanted your child to be. 

You should have prepared for the creation of the new person in advance. 

So that the new positive habits would be firmly entrenched in your bodies.

But since, at that moment, few people think about the quality of the new person's production. 

Most often, everything happens spontaneously.

And the result of what you get now does not satisfy you.  


If there is a way out of this situation? 


While the child is still small, then your kind and positive attitude towards him can change it for the better. 

There is no need to make the child angry and irritated. 

This will not make him kinder and calmer. 


What do you need to do?


You should always, from the first months of birth, talk to your child in a soft, kind and soothing voice.


Develop this habit in yourself.  


Your voice should soothe, not frighten or irritate.


Even without understanding the words, your child will feel the pleasant vibration of your voice and be soothed.


A kind attitude towards your child will make him/her calm and balanced.


Of course, later on the street, school and other people, throughout life, will try to influence the child.

But what you put in a child in the early years of his life, will not be able to have a significant impact on him later.

With your kind attitude toward your child, you can raise a mentally calm and kind person. 


Be patient and restrained!


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