Why professional chefs Wearing clogs?

Chefs and other people working in food preparation areas typically like to wear the most comfortable and durable footwear they can find. Experience has shown that professional Chef Clogs are usually the best option to choose when a buying your Chef uniform or looking for quality kitchen footwear, they are very comfortable, long lasting and durable.

Most chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants find they often have to work 8 to 12 or sometimes 14 hour shifts, with almost all of this time spent standing or walking around the kitchen. Having safe and comfortable footwear is of paramount importance to all people working in these conditions as sore and tired feet, cramps and blisters can cause the job to become a nightmare and adversely affect your performance.

In a normal shift most chefs will have to deal with wet and slippery areas, the freezing cold or walk in freezers and cool rooms, the heat of ovens and the threat of heavy falling hot or sharp object kitchens, so choosing the right footwear is the main reason why many chefs choose to wear Chef clogs.

Today's modern professionally designed and made Chef clogs are made from a variety of durable materials designed to withstand the rigors of hard kitchen life, they are water resistant, and multilayer to provide maximum protection, they completely cover the tops of the feet and offer protection from all the hazards likely to be found in modern kitchens.

The traditional clog was all wood with the latest styles being made with wooden soles and synthetic or leather uppers, although these are still available, the more modern types of Chef clogs are made using the latest advances in footwear, safety design from materials such as rubber, plastics, composite synthetics and leather soles and uppers to provide you with the most comfortable footwear possible. For those chefs who work in areas with heavy machinery or there is a danger of heavy objects falling, chef clogs also come with steel toes (steel caps) for additional safety.

Because of their backless design and lack of laces, straps and buckles chef clogs do not pose a potential threat of becoming caught or tangled and are easy to remove quickly by just slipping out your foot in emergency situations such as if hot liquid is spilt or there is oil on the floor.

Chef clogs are designed to provide the wearer with the maximum amount of traction in any hazard; they usually come with anti-skid patterns or grooves on the soles making them very slip resistant in most kitchen situations.

The foot-bed or inner sole of the modern Chef clog incorporates materials that help absorb foot impact and reduce pressure points; they give the wearer a high degree of comfortable arch support as well as heel padding and heel, air bed support.

Although Chef clogs have a somewhat chunky appearance and could not be described as a fashion accessory they provide such a high degree of comfort to chefs in all parts of Australia and New Zealand that they have become a must have part of every successful chef uniform. They are essential for many chefs in this high stress, fast paced industry where proper foot support is needed to allow for the fast movements that are needed in peak service times when rushing to fill orders and get the meals plated on time.


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