Why the Nickers bull reached incredible proportions, and how it saved his life

An unusual goby lives in one of the Australian farms. It is unusual for its outstanding size. The record-breaking bull has grown at the withers to 194 cm, the giant weighs 1400 kg. This feature saved him from carnage, as it once didbaby Rani, only 51 cm tall.

His peers have long since fallen for the sake of human stomachs, having piled up riotous little heads at a local meat-packing plant. Nickers always differed from other representatives of the herd in size and color . Some time ago, it was kept in the herd for contrast, thanks to its visibility.

Stay boy with us. There is nowhere to go

Time passed, but the growth of the bull did not stop. It's time to put it up for auction. The meat processing plants admired the handsome man, but did not want to acquire him. Either the hand would not rise to such beauty , or the technical means are not designed for such dimensions.

Now the owner of the bull, Jeff Person, is harassed by journalists. The story received publicity and was very interested in the public. To the most popular question, the owner of the farm replies that he sees no other way out but to leave the young man to live on, at home on the farm, with the cows.

Incredible lucky and favorite of the ladies

The lucky one from the rest of the herd is favorably distinguished by the color. It is covered in black and white spots. The cows are dark brown in color. According to the owner, Nickers is always surrounded by ladies. They just love him. The cows, each of which is three times smaller than him, follow the leader of the herd on the heels. This makes him an even more prominent character, making him stand out from the rest. A positive aspect of its features is also the fact that the owner can always see from afar where his charges are walking.

In total, there are twenty thousand heads of cattle in the herd, but not a single beauty can win his heart. Unfortunately, Nickers will not produce offspring due to certain circumstances . The owner predicts that the giant Holstein-Friesian bull will enjoy life for several more years, because the average life of cattle does not exceed 22 years, and now it is over 12.

What could be the reasons for what is happening, if you add here the meek disposition of the leader of the herd

Looking at Nickers, even from the photo, you can determine that the big man has an incredibly meek disposition for a bull and a meek character. The owner also speaks about this . The farmer is sure that he captivated the cows and journalists, who loved him very much, with his calm character, curiosity and friendliness. He doesn't even have horns.

Connected to the heated discussion of the fate and life of the giant, veterinarians look at the root of what is happening. Due to some peculiarities, the bull did not produce enough certain hormones. This turned off the mechanism for regulating the intensity of growth , with its subsequent termination, upon reaching the norm. Meanwhile, this handsome man has an excellent appetite. It absorbs 30 kg of grains and herbs daily.


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