Why we include vitamin C in our regular diet

Why we include vitamin C in our regular diet?


What is Vitamin C?


Our body needs all vitamins to stay healthy. One of which is vitamin C. Its other name is ascorbic acid. Vitamin C works to protect us from many diseases.


What are the benefits of vitamin C?


Vitamin C has many benefits. Hence,we should include Vitamin C in our regular diet in proper proportion. Vitamin C protects our skin from dryness. It makes the skin shiny and beautiful. And prevents wrinkles. Vitamin C increases collagen and maintains skin elasticity. It also repairs scars and wounds on the skin. Vitamin C prevents anemia by removing iron deficiency. Vitamin C is very effective for preventing cancer. There are many sources of vitamin C available, from which we can get vitamin C. Some of these sources we will discuss in this article.


1. Papaya:-Eating one papaya every day is veritably helpful for health. It contains numerous times vitamin C. Which boosts our vulnerable system and protects us from numerous conditions.


2. Kiwi:-Kiwi is rich in vitamin C so eating it's veritably salutary. It helps in making the collagen in our skin. It prevents anemia and also keeps our mood good. Kiwi also

relieves the problem of constipation. So we can eat kiwi smoothie or dessert every day.


3. Citrus fruits:-Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C are grapefruits and oranges, which boost our immunity and remove kidney stone.


4. Strawberry:- Strawberry also contains a lot of vitamin C which is veritably good for our skin. It's full of antioxidants and boosts our immunity. Thus, strawberries can be used as a salad in the morning diet.


5. Spinach:- Spinach is a green vegetable which also contains Vitamin C which keeps our skin beautiful and healthy and builds collagen.


6. Rose hips:-Rose hips which are a part of the rose factory. The rose factory will be planted in nearly everyone's home yard, which can reap a lot of benefits. Its rose hips also contain vitamin C. Which increases our impunity and protects our body from dangerous goods.


7. Guava:- Guava is the best fruit, in which vitamin C is found in abundance. It makes our skin glow and keeps it young. Guava also maintains the elasticity of the skin. It controls blood sugar and blood pressure and keeps the heart healthy. Guava contains more vitamin C than oranges. Hence, it is imperative to consume it daily.


8. Tomato:- We use tomato in making many daily dishes and also eat it as salad and sauce. Vitamin C is also in good amount in tomato. Tomato keeps our heart, skin and eyes healthy.


9. Black currants:-Vitamin C is present in black currants, which protects the body against cancer and heart related diseases.


10. Pineapple:- As pineapple contains vitamin C, it boosts our immune system. Pineapple maintains our mental health. It is very useful for asthma patients as well as heart. Hence pineapple should be used as a fruit salad.


Therefore, vitamin C is veritably important for our body. However, serious conditions like scurvy can also do, so we should include vitamin C rich fruits, If it isn't taken in sufficient amounts.


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