Why We Should Stop Worrying About AI Replacing Humans: Threats On Human Jobs, Lives and Socialization

Why We Should Stop Worrying About AI Replacing Humans: Threats On Human Jobs, Lives and Socialization

Since Openai released Chatgpt last year, more intelligent people in the field such as Elon Musk, who contributed funds in early stages of the company have been vocal about dangers we face from Artificial Intelligence.

Normal humans have mixed reaction to the matter themselves, with many scared that those careers they suffered, are buried in student loans, sacrificed and somehow not getting enough from are going to be scrubbed off job markets.

It doesn’t stop there, even unskilled labor isn’t that much safe.

There’s a silver lining though.

We are not alone, people have been feeling insecure and loses from technology and advancement long before generative AI came along.

From the birth of cinema, where live performers felt alienated, to introduction of internet. The story had been the same, that machines are here to replace us. But, we managed to live amongst them, and thrive.

AI isn’t new, we had been using chips from birth of internet. Only that the technology wasn’t as advanced back then as it is now. Although, the threats it posed were all solvable.

It’s important to note that more than anything, the new technology has more importance than negatives. Although the negatives are as many and catastrophic as never before, a mess can lead to dire consequences.

They include, misinformation, unethical practices profit oriented technology, inciting… and more. Job loss is one of the biggest worries, mostly for publishing media and individuals, informative businesses, teaching and learning, data analysis and any practices involving data, medical and medicine, stock and securities trade among others.

Nobody is safe from fake information.

Some jobs like creative practices can’t be erased, no matter what an AI cannot write authentic ideas with feelings like humans can do. Human touch is unique in painting and socializing although AI can come between us and divert our attention from the real world.

Key to thriving together with AI is not getting afraid and censoring it because it is here already.

When have to involve governments for regulation of new and upcoming developments. It can also keep dangerous technology from reach of general public and those who may use it to harm.

Individual tech companies can come between consumers of the technology and the lustful people so as to make sure whatever they are giving out is healthy for human consumption both morally and legally.

Here's the real reason why technology is not harmful to us in any way , a reason to adopt it and embrace it as a normal part of our lives.

Technology doesn’t make it’s own rules, we are the ones programming it, we decide what it can and cannot do. If we lose ourselves and make poor choices we will be the ones poisoning ourselves.

No matter how advanced technology may get in the future, it is always clear to note that it doesn’t need our natural world. .

AI is here to stay we better get used to it than be held back by our fear. Humans are the only threat to humans's existence. 


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