Why you must take 7 days vacation leave



Working people loves to take a longer vacations like 12-15 days paid vacation leave a year as a company policy or as stated in the company contract. But do you know that it's better if you only take 7 days vacations to achieve the most relaxation?


Taking 7 days vacation leave offers many health benefits. For example, they recover from stress and prevent burn-out. Other benefits of taking vacation leave are it's improved our mental and physical health, greater well-being, it gives us motivation, improves family relationships and it will boost our happiness.


These benefits reach their highest point on the last day, but on the next days after that 7 days vacation, vacationers will start to feel bored. And feel homesick if you did vacation abroad away from your family. So while on a vacation you need to have a peace of mind and a right amount of sleep. One of the researcher said, " The longer and the better vacationers slept, the more their health and well-being increased during vacation." Of course, in order to get the most relaxing vacation, do not think about your work, limit yourself checking on the internet and consider leaving your phone and laptop at home or turning them off.


Risk of not getting a vacation for the year is getting an early death, problems in our mental health and several illness. So better take a shorter vacation than a long one every year. 


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