Why You Should Read Many Book

Books are a repository of knowledge. From books a lot of information can be obtained. In the development of art, business transactions, technological equipment, even what we eat and drink today. Developed because of the proliferation of books in circulation. Besides the innovations made by individuals. Given that the author of the book is not only one. Every book has a different meaning. So reading it brings us to the author's own goal. The more we read, the more our knowledge increases. In the end, ideas, frameworks, and results can be obtained because of this incident. It will allow you to know what you didn't know before. What are the benefits of reading books:

A. Adding Our Insights to Vocabulary

Thousands of vocabulary stored in writing in a book. The large number of vocabularies allows us to get to know new things. A small example is when cooking. Maybe you didn't know before that tubers were dangerous. But after that, I realized that the tubers were not suitable if exposed to hot air for too long. Because it will cause the poison to spread into the body. When you hear the word cooking, you definitely remember the tubers. A collection of vocabularies seems to be interconnected. Likewise when you find other vocabulary words. Without you knowing so many new things you know.

B. Generating Creative Ideas

If you look at some cases. The emergence of ideas is needed. Technological developments today. Can not be separated from the emergence of ideas from someone. We know thomas alfa edison as the creator of the lamp. Where therefore people can be freed from darkness. Even for him he would have to do 10,000 tries. What would have happened if thomas alfa edison had no such idea. Maybe we can be like him too. New ideas can emerge because of our regular reading.

C. Creating New Skills

By reading a number of books in a certain time. Our skills will increase. For example when we find a book on how to write. We come to know how to write properly. So that our writing becomes better. Maybe if you work in an agency. It will make you grow even more. Especially if you are a researcher or journalist. Everyone definitely needs your good writing.

D. Increase Motivation

In some ways books can increase motivation. Once or twice in a book that contains hundreds of words, there must be some explanation of what we have been asking about so far. This will certainly encourage us indirectly. Maybe you've asked. What should we do in the future when the planet Earth meteor falls. Meanwhile, the Earth's atmosphere is thinning. Are there other planets? What will happen to mankind after that? In a book written by someone you will accidentally find the answer to that.

So start reading from now on. Go to the library or find a book wherever it is. By taking some time to read. We can get many things in it. What book did you read today. Wherever you are now. There's nothing wrong with taking a moment to read a book. If you really don't like the current post. You don't have to push yourself. Whenever that book will not disappear from the world. As long as you are alive there will always be opportunities. Read lots of books and your knowledge will grow.


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