Why your health is more important than anything else since it determine

Sometimes we may ask ourselves if is it a must you eat or not? But here is a fun fact some people can stay up to 30days without food,only water .

We eat to live not live to eat . food can somehow take you to your death bed and sometimes give you health. Too much calories can lead to obesity . Little food can lead to ulcers .

In the morning you should take liquids not food some liquids like juice ,water and tea to refreshen your brain .Take a shower to prevent backaches, headaches,smell and rashes.

Proteins should be taken in reasonable amounts ,cooked properly,washed and boiled do you agree with me ?.3pieces of meat per day not chunks but pieces .

Regular exercise can help in weight reduction but wait, if you exercise regularly and then stop your body will become heavier multiple times than before.

Some people may ask what if I drink warm water will I lose weight nooo it's helps in keeping skin smooth , prevents dehydration, prevents aging ,helps in blood formation,helps in hair growth too.

Let's talk about green tea to refreshen and reduce weight.if taken in large quantities it can reduce weight but if taken regularly it can act as a beverage believe me or not. Slimming tea can help reduce weight to but when taken with the right medication.

Hospital metabolic diet try it it is the safest way to reduce weight without exercise just sit down and eat what it says.within two weeks of dieting you have that barbie doll figure .tThe snatched waist and the flexible legs .This article is all about health it does not trigger people who are overweight.Just a reminder to eat to live not to live to eat thats all . 

                           Article by Cynthia wanjir


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