Wild Animals

Wild animals are an amazing part of our nature that includes countless different species, families, suborders, and classes. From bugs and butterflies, to wolves and bears, from the smallest to the record-breakingly huge, from the rarest to the most common. In every season and every corner of the world, all this diversity of animal life is all around us! Here you’ll find articles about a wide variety of wildlife.


The cougar is a predatory animal in the feline family. A skilled and dexterous hunter, it is one of the brightest and most graceful representatives of the big cats. In this article you can see the description and photos of the cougar, learn a lot of new and interesting things about the life of this beautiful wild cat.


What does the cougar look like and what is its name?


Puma looks strong cat, it has a very flexible body, with a long muscular tail. Its paws are adapted for climbing trees. The puma has a short and thick coat.


Adult cougars are predominantly reddish in color, with the underside of the body lighter than the upper. The cat’s muzzle has black markings and dark ears.


Pumas have a body length of 100-180 cm and a tail length of 60-75 cm. Height at withers 60-90 cm, cougar weight can reach 100 kg. It is noteworthy that males are much larger than females. The average weight of females ranges from 30-50 kg and males from 60-80 kg.

This wild cat also has other names. The puma is also called a mountain lion and cougar.


Where does the cougar live?


Puma is an overseas representative of large wild cats. Pumas live in North and South America, inhabiting a fairly large area, – from the Yukon (Canada) to Patagonia (South America).


The animal cougar lives in mountainous areas and is not afraid of high altitudes. It also prefers to live in coniferous and tropical forests, occurs in swamps and plains.


Cougars are nearly versatile, moving easily up mountain slopes and rocks, climbing trees well and can swim well in water. The cougar animal is able to adapt to life in any terrain.


Adult cougars most often choose to live alone, the exceptions being mothers with kittens and mating pairs. In the wild, the cougar cat lives up to 20 years.


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