Women’s splendid Travel Gift Set with aromatic fragrances

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Trademark: Molton Brown


Included within the set:


* Blazing Pink Pepper Large and enormous 50ml


Molton Earthy Colors Shower Gel is subtly rejuvenated and scented from head to toe. Mix hot pink pepper, mandarin orange, and elemi oil notes with ginger. Shower gel, rich in anti-cancer drugs, creates lush foam on the skin, protects it from extreme free damage, wraps and vibrates the body with a fiery scent. Encourages abilities, makes the skin delicate and supple, and revitalizes.


* Scorch Pink Pepper Body Balm 50ml


Luxurious saturated body balm reinforced with pink pepper, ginger and patchouli. The sweet scent captivates your abilities and saturates the skin with a fragrant scented mixture. * Indian water candle 50ml cleanser


Deep cleanse and maintain all hair types with Indian Water Candle Concentrate and Amino Acids. This disinfectant cleanser retains the luster and scent of standard locks and uses abundant jasmine and honeysuckle.


* Sanitize conditioner with 50ml Indian water candle


Sprayed with the charm of jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood, this support conditioner conveys everyday rock with an opulent and healthy glow.


Red Hot Pink Pepper emollient 40ml


Molton Brown's innovative emollient full of rich, scorching pink pepper, hot ginger and patchouli. Complete your personal hand care with a satisfying treatment that you simply can take anywhere. Transport data


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