World's Best Recipes

It's easy to take a little trip without leaving the confines of your own apartment. Gastronomy, the clearest manifestation of any culture, can take us, and not only mentally, to any country in the world.


I made a selection of ten dishes, iconic for various countries from our "Golden Thousand" (in it we collect the most interesting recipes of the peoples of the world). There's American cinnamon rolls, French onion soup, Chinese gongbao chicken, and a traditional Greek salad. Of course, there are many more great dishes in the world than ten. But we hope our selection will only whet your appetite, and you'll be sure to explore other recipes from The Thousand.


Real Greek Salad CD

A classic Greek salad, aka rustic salad for Greeks. Ideally, there should be only kalamata olives and no others, the cucumbers should be rid of the skins, and the feta should be put on top in a big chunk and broken with a fork.


Babaganoush with sesame seeds.

An oriental tart thick spread made from baked eggplant. Homemade sesame paste is largely responsible for the consistency of babaganoush, so don't try to swap it out for something else.


Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil

The simplest recipe, a lifesaver when you're almost out of everything in the house or lazy to cook. Spaghetti alio-olio, despite its simple appearance, is firmly on the menu of Italian trattorias.


Onion Soup

A classic of French cuisine that requires skill and patience. It takes an hour to make the onions caramelize, but you'll be rewarded. Eat it with baguette croutons sprinkled with gruyere.


Chicken Waterzoo

A famous Belgian soup, the perfect meal for cooler days. Yolks, chicken, root vegetables, and lots of thick 33% cream.


Paneer masala

A thick, hot appetizer that is South Asian fresh paneer cheese floating in a spicy Indian masala sauce. In Russian cuisine, paneer is easily swapped for adygean cheese.


Gongbao chicken

A Sichuan dish in which chicken must first be marinated in soy sauce and wine and then fried in a wok with an incredible amount of spices and peanuts.


Teriyaki Chicken

Another chicken, this time Japanese. The simple story is to fry the chicken until caramelized in teriyaki sauce - homemade or store-bought. In this recipe, they suggest making the sauce yourself, and it's not difficult at all.



The most important Georgian dish is a dense pouch of dough in which the meat filling is floating in broth. The broth inside is an important species feature of khinkali, and water is added to the stuffing for this purpose.


Imam Bayaldi

A flavorful Turkish appetizer based on grilled or roasted eggplant. The dense taste of eggplant is offset by juicy tomatoes, onions and lemon juice.



The joy of all children, a drug-addled, sweet cinnamon bun firmly drenched in creamy frosting. American Cinnabons are best eaten hot, then that creamy cinnamon spirit is revealed in full force.


A step-by-step recipe for Spanish and Portuguese doughnuts with less flesh and more crunch. Ideally eaten with hot chocolate or something hot and creamy. You can make them as a family: the kids will surely love how the dough makes crispy, fluted doughnuts in a matter of minutes.


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