Worried Ocean Scientists Will Submerge Mainland Asia

Researchers expressed concern about rising sea levels due to global warming. The ocean is predicted to expand to submerge a number of cities in mainland Asia. Reporting from AFP, Saturday (6/11/2021), researchers warn sea level rise will still occur even if humans can limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Rising sea levels at these conditions are predicted to occur over the next few centuries and inundate cities that are home to half a billion people.

The prediction was conveyed in a report by the Environmental Research Letters researchers. The report says that if global temperatures rise by 2 degrees Celsius, another 200 million urban dwellers will find their homes submerged in knee-deep seawater. Their territory will also be more vulnerable to devastating storms.

According to the report, the worst situation is predicted to potentially occur in the Asian region, which is the location of nine major cities at high risk. Researchers from Princeton University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany contributed to this report. The researchers said the mainland, which is home to half the total population of Bangladesh and Vietnam, is predicted to be below the high tide line for the long term. This condition will occur if the global temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius. Areas of rapid development in China, India and Indonesia are also predicted to face destruction. Most projected sea level rise and the threat posed to seaside cities will last until the end of the century. Sea level rise is predicted to reach half a meter, but it could be lower or higher depending on carbon pollution conditions.


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