Writing Canine Devotion

Dog loyalty is the strongest love, loyalty and affection for its owner. A dog throughout his life is ready to follow a man and spend his whole life with him. Moreover, it does not depend on what your social status is. The main thing is that you love her. It is worth noting that animals do not know how to lie or adjust their feelings, so this loyalty and love are the most sincere.


Dogs, of course, do not know how to talk, but they can feel and show emotions. The dog feels great when loved. She can sympathize, resting her head on her knees, as she understands when a person is sad about something. Or he will rejoice with the owner. A dog cannot spend a long time without its owner, so when he returns home, the dog will be happy to meet him.


Dog loyalty is manifested in their actions. There are situations when dogs, without thinking about themselves, save their owners. She cannot deceive, betray or abandon a person in a difficult situation, they will always trust a person as a friend. Therefore, it is not without reason that they say: "A dog is a friend of man."


But why, for example, is a man not called a dog's friend? Probably because a person has lost such a quality as loyalty. An example is the work of I.S. Turgenev "Mumu". This piece also shows the loyalty of a small dog to its owner. She trusted him completely until the very last moment. Even sitting in the boat with him and not knowing her future fate, she did not worry about anything. And Gerasim was not devoted to his only friend, who was absolutely all the same for all his shortcomings. Of course, we can say that he had a desperate situation. But let's think: would Mumu do this to Gerasim if she were in his place? Of course not. That is why people extol dog loyalty and loyalty as something unusual, since they themselves do not have such a feeling. Still, you need to be grateful to the dogs for their loyalty and try to respond to them in kind. After all, friendship is not a game with only one goal and a person, for his part, should be a good companion for his dog.


Dogs do not have any prejudices, and, most likely, that is why they are so loyal and loyal to people. Of course, a person cannot acquire such a quality, since he has consciousness and thinking, but still there is something to strive for.


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