Writing is Easy

Who said that writing was difficult. At first people may be confused about what they should do before writing. They stopped because they ran out of ways. It depends on what your goals are in writing. Many people misunderstand that writing can only be done by certain people. Actually writing is nothing but sparking ideas in your mind into writing. Whatever it is you can start from anywhere. The biggest difficulty is that people don't even start with simple things. Like for example what is around them. You can create a variety of titles to start with. Write down what you know.

The more often you write you will get used to describing every sentence that stops at one point until it becomes a long sentence. If you want to be able to write 1000 words or more then multiply your knowledge by reading any book you have. Because for that you really need a lot of information. One thing to note when writing is to use language that is easy to understand because not everyone understands certain things. Languages ​​such as oryza satifa, for example, are Latin languages ​​that are not understood by all. But if you write rice then everyone knows it well. What does it look like, color, and taste.

So that people want to continue reading without having to waste time looking for explanations. If it is non-fiction writing then you can expand the scope of your imagination by looking at examples of non-fiction books that have been written by someone.

If you are still confused you can create a kind of separate framework which is then put together into one as you wish. Although writing is said to be something heavy for a beginner by certain people. Don't hesitate to start now. Whatever comes to your mind, write it down on the sheet of paper in front of you. For those who are professionals. Writing certainly does not take long compared to those who are not used to writing. Are you a journalist, student, or scientist. You actually just need the development of ideas and insights.


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