Xbox Series X, Series S Now Support Dolby Vision Gaming for ‘Full-Spectrum Visuals’

Xbox Series X and Series S have now support Dolby Vision that promises to deliver an enhanced experience to gamers around the world. Dolby Vision enhancement for the latest Xbox gaming consoles was first revealed by Microsoft last year — alongside Dolby Atmos support for gaming. The update is claimed to provide “full-spectrum visuals” along with vivid colours on in-game elements such as lush rainforests and neon futuristic cities. With the latest update, Xbox Series X and Series S have become the first gaming consoles to support gaming in Dolby Vision.


Xbox Series X, Series S Now Support Dolby Vision Gaming for ‘Full-Spectrum Visuals’

Here’s what Microsoft says: “We're excited to introduce Xbox gamers on Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox One to a new level of realism with full-spectrum visuals. With the enhanced TV and gaming experience you get with Xbox, plus the reliability and control that Dolby Vision delivers, Xbox gamers will feel immersed in more realistic visual experiences than ever before. Dolby Vision delivers unprecedented viewing angles, vivid colours, and true-to-life color accuracy with HDR content. Dolby Vision continues to increase the amount of HDR content available to Xbox gamers, so you can continue to experience the worlds around you with more realism and detail than ever.” Microsoft launched the Xbox One X with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos support last year.


What is Dolby Vision?

Dolby Vision is a consumer technology that adds dynamic metadata to the video signal, which allows it to serve as an “image guide” to both the camera and the viewer. It means that viewers need not sit through hours of visual bombardment to get an experience that they are looking for. All one has to do is to switch the streaming device to the Dolby Vision supported setting and the on-screen content will appear in a natural manner. For instance, looking at any television commercial that is in Dolby Vision will now have visual detail that is in-sync with what’s happening in the commercial. This might not seem like much, but the result is simply more authentic and appealing. It’s always helpful when you know what’s happening onscreen.


The Latest Update for Xbox Series X, Series S

To give gamers the benefit of Dolby Vision support, Microsoft claims that game consoles and other devices running on Windows 10 will have to have Dolby Vision-enabled hardware — be it a TV or a monitor. Support will be added to this year’s major Windows updates including the next major Fall Creators Update or the Redstone 5 update. “With Xbox software updates and built-in Dolby Vision, you can now enjoy immersive, full-spectrum visuals in movies and games,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post. As of now, this is the only gaming console from the Xbox One family that supports Dolby Vision with Xbox Series X and Series S supporting only 4K resolution displays with HDR. However, Microsoft claims that the “future releases” of the consoles will support all the devices with Dolby Vision.



The latest update is made available to Xbox One owners with an Xbox One X. The Xbox One X is touted to be the most powerful gaming console in the market today. Meanwhile, Xbox 360s will also be getting Dolby Vision enhancement soon via a future update. Meanwhile, the Xbox One S has not been introduced as yet in India, but users can still buy it in the country. But considering the price of the console in India, it will be a wise decision if buyers don’t buy one just yet.


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