Xiaomi announced a wireless charging system for gadgets up to 5 meters away

On January 29, Xiaomi announced a wireless charging system for gadgets at a distance of up to 5 meters. Almost at the same time, Motorola presented a similar development.


Judging by the short video, Motorola technology allows charging smartphones at a distance of at least 1 meter. In this case, there should be no obstacles between the device and the charging station - in this case, the charging process will stop. How much power this system can charge smartphones at a distance is not specified.


As writes GSMArena, at the core of the technology called Motorola One Hyper is the existing standard of wireless charging Qi (standard of induction energy transfer at a distance of a few centimeters), but Motorola engineers finalized the technology, which allows charging devices at a relatively large distance. It is also noted that up to seven smartphones can be charged simultaneously in this way.


About the timing of the release of Motorola One Hyper technology on the market is not reported, but it is worth noting that at the moment development Motorola looks more realistic than the announced Xiaomi technology Mi Air Charge, which uses a different principle of energy transfer at a distance.


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