Xiaomi does not want to yield to Facebook and shows its own AR glasses

Xiaomi decided to wrestle with Facebook a bit and presented its own approach to smart glasses with augmented reality features. The company is focusing on the lightness of the device, so it will not have too many additional features.


Xiaomi's goggles weigh only 51 grams and therefore are slightly heavier than Facebook's gadget, and also have a picture indicator. The glasses have a quad-core ARM processor and run Android. They use MicroLED technology, which is slightly brighter and more efficient than OLED.


Xiaomi said it opted for a black-and-white display (we won't see color photos) because of "passing enough light through complex optical structures." The company adds that the glasses will be able to display important notifications, smart home alerts and messages from people important to us. In addition, it shows navigation as well as the number of the person calling us. What's more, you can simply talk on the phone with the glasses, as they have a built-in speaker and microphone.



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