Xiaomi is working on the Mi Band X bracelet with a flexible display

Flexible displays may soon become the domain of not only expensive smartphones - Xiaomi is going to apply it in a fitness bracelet as well. Photos of a working presentation for employees of the Chinese concern, which includes plans for the debut of the Mi Band X model, have hit the Net.


#Xiaomi - Xiaomi working a new watch that look very similar to Nubia Alpha Watch and it'll be called "Mi Band X"



- Extremely thin and light

- 360°flexible scroll screen without strap design

- Magnetic bracelet buckle

- Obsidian color full of technology#MiBandX pic.twitter.com/0hThFKZ5qA

The wearable gadget should feature a flexible curved screen that should span the entire wrist - and the two ends of the display can be connected using special magnetic hooks. The presentation also mentions the color obsidian, but unfortunately, it is unknown in what context it will be used - perhaps it is the back of the display.


So it looks like Xiaomi is working on a device with close capabilities for the Nubia Alpha, which also uses a flexible screen.


Of course, at the moment we do not know any technical details about the Mi Band X - these reports, however, indicate that Xiaomi HQ already has a prototype of such a device.


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