Years Turning Celebration

Once upon a time... as that's how every tale is supposed to start -- once upon a time, there was a little village. Near this little town, a goddess lived with her seven children, in her castle up the hill. The town of the people would work, grow food and make things such as clothes and tools and more -- and the goddess and her children are grateful for the people in the village because often, the children of the goddess would come down the hill and visit this village to get food and other necessities. In return, the goddess gave the village her blessings through her children. 


One of them was wise and would give advice to the villagers when conflict arose. One of them had the gift of healing and would heal the sick villagers. One of them has strength and would help protect the village so it would always be safe. One of them was a jester, and would always make the people laugh. And so on and so forth... the people of the village and the goddess' children and their mother lived in harmony. 


Now, once every year, for the sake of respecting the goddess and her children, the villagers would make a celebration. It was time for merrymaking; there would be feast, music, dances, and games! Everyone and anyone was welcomed to come and enjoy themselves. This celebration, the villagers called it, the celebration of Years Turning. 


However, one day... The goddess fell ill just by the end of the celebration. Her children couldn't understand what was the cause of her illness. They could only guess that their mother was exhausted, as she fell into a deep slumber. Nothing seemed to be able to wake her up, so they could only watch over her and take care of her as best as they could. 


Days passed, weeks passed, months passed -- and the Goddess stayed asleep. Until almost one year passed by, and the time for Great Celebration once again approaching. 


However, the children of the goddess were doubtful. Should they throw a celebration still, while their mother was asleep as dead? For a long, while they discussed it, but they couldn't come to a decision. Until they realized, at last, that they hadn't been visiting the village as often as they used to. The goddess's children now grew worried; how were things going by in the village? So they came down the hill and checked the village. 


Much to their surprise, they found the villagers had been busy preparing for the celebration. One of the goddess's children asked, whether they were truly preparing for the Years Turning Celebration and whether they were unaware that the goddess had been in deep slumber for a year. 


And the villagers answered: yes, they were preparing for the Years Turning Celebration. And yes, they were also aware that the goddess was asleep. However, they loved the goddess and this celebration was their way of showing it. Therefore, they had decided to make the celebration nonetheless. 


The children of the goddess are touched by the villager's feelings for their mother, decided to help with the preparation of the Years Turning celebration, and that year, the celebration was more of a success than it was in previous years. For once, after days full of worries for their mother, the goddess's children could feel joy and happiness -- and especially, the kindness of the villagers. 


And you know what? On the day that the Years Turning celebration started, the goddess finally opened her eyes. She said that she was so tired... so tired that she fell into a deep slumber. But the energy everyone had put into the celebration had awakened her. As the celebration time over, she would once again fall into a deep slumber -- but she reassured everyone that her blessings would always be with them nonetheless. As long as they keep the celebration alive every year, she would be awake again, and she would be alive as well... 


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