You are more interested in the salary of the girl than in her

Short story 

You are more interested in the salary of the girl than in her.

Within a few days, the daughter was getting married. Sudha brought up her daughter Saumya with great love.

 Fashion designing was done from Dlhi's top college. Very soon he also got a job in a reputed export house.

 Like every mother, she too had a desire to get a suitable groom for her daughter.

Also got registered on some matrimonial sites. Told many relatives too. In Punjab, people associate fashion designing with modeling. Think that a girl is a model, she will be very independent, will not be able to adjust in our homes.

 In Delhi too, when the talk went on at one place, the boys asked so many questions about his salary, "how much does he earn", etcetera. Sudha said to the boy's mother, "Sister, my girl has to go to your house, I have not even asked about your boy's salary, all these times at home, and you have asked ten questions, you have more to her than the girl." Interested in salary. Girls' earnings don't run the house. We run the house with boys' earnings.

“We make girls self-reliant so that they can earn themselves and feed their family during the intervening time. They have to decide their priorities themselves. If there is no financial compulsion, there are parents in the house, there are small children then that They should stay at home and pay attention to their upbringing. Only if they are able to balance home and career, do jobs. Education is not only useful for earning, it also illuminates the heart and mind. Education is also necessary for the upbringing of children and for running the household. But it doesn't mean that earning should be his compulsion. By the grace of God, he has no shortage in our house. If he is only interested in salary then forgive us".


Soumya was a very beautiful and smart girl. Then a very good relationship came at one place, then Soumya's relationship got confirmed. A few days before the wedding, Sudha called her daughter to her and explained to her that marriage is not just about wearing good clothes, it is a responsibility.

The way you have come to see your parents taking all the responsibility of the family, now it is your turn to take care of the household together with your husband.

Till now you were dear daughter, sister, all your faults were also forgotten as childish. Now you will become someone's wife, someone's daughter-in-law and mother.


 “Marriage is such a bond in which two people adopt each other with all the merits and defects, trying to remove the defects with their love”.


"A long time has to be spent with each other, so it is very important to have respect for each other".

"It is not a good thing to get angry and come home after showing bullying on small things".


 "But it also does not mean that if you are facing any kind of physical or mental oppression, and you keep on suffering. It is better to share your sorrow with your parents in time than to have a suffocating relationship in life. so that it can be resolved".

"You will always be our daughter, we have not given anyone to you in charity. One more thing I want to explain to you, that there is never a need to tell your husband every single incident that happened with you before marriage. This greatness has been repeated many times. It is very expensive.

 First understand the husband, know his nature. Many times the husband tries to know about your past by telling some of his incident, then making the same issue and taunting you all his life. I myself become a Nawab by listening to my tales, but I am not able to digest anything about my wife.

 Rest with you is your own education and understanding, from which you can decide your own good and bad. God bless your life".

Soumya was listening carefully to mother's words, was also understanding, started saying "Mummy, I am your daughter, I have always seen you and Papa living with love in every happiness and sorrow. Don't worry your daughter should never be ashamed of you." will give". Hearing this, Sudha hugged him on the chest.


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