You can also make money from YouTube's podcast program

YouTube has released the first installment of its podcast called The Upload, which is expected to announce further features. The full name of this podcast is 'The Upload: The Creator Economy'. It aims to give all kinds of creators the opportunity to express themselves and make money.


  By the way, the way to make money from YouTube is to first create a movement in social media and make them aware of your hobbies. Then make money by making videos and audios of the relevant sector. This is followed by marketing, affiliate marketing and business expansion.


  But YouTube has also said that its podcast will feature interviews with some of YouTube's most successful people. They will also share their journey and tips for success. In this way, The Upload will become a great platform to guide people.


  On the other hand, it will also help YouTubers to know the reactions of the people so that they can improve their videos. The podcast is being hosted by renowned journalist Britney Lewis, who runs her own popular podcast, Forklearners. In the first phase, famous YouTubers like Lilly Singh, Shalab Marshall and Amy Chow will be invited.


  According to YouTube, The Upload aims to increase marketing and business. The episode will now air every Wednesday and the first episode will air on September 22. Users now include people who just want to listen to podcasts instead of videos, which is why YouTube has focused on podcasts. In addition, YouTube is now focusing on serious and original music.


  Last year, YouTube's own statistics revealed that music streaming rates have increased, and there are 77 million YouTube music subscribers who are paying a formal subscription fee.


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