You should always live in joy!

Older people are prone to apathy and even depression. And this is easy to understand. Life is lived, it's hard to come to terms with it. What can lie ahead? No energy, diseases are piling up, it is difficult to look positively into the future.


It is especially difficult for active pensioners, who worked yesterday, being of use to society, carried out interesting tasks, and today it is as if they were thrown overboard of life. They have a meager pension in their hands, and in front of them is "the time of subsistence". It is hard not to succumb to despondency


But one should not do so in any case. First, no one knows how long they have left. Spend another 20 or 30 years of your life in sadness? Are you serious? Secondly, who knows what's ahead, isn't it interesting?



Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva is a major brain scientist. She spent her life studying the capabilities of man and his thinking. The professor believed that old age is a unique time.


Years take away everything external, and with age the human soul gradually frees itself from the covers and appears in its original form.

V. Bekhtereva

To enjoy every day lived and not to succumb to despondency need to do two things, said Bekhtereva:


1. Live in the present.

It is a typical mistake of elderly people to think that things used to be better. Yes, the trees were big, you were young and energetic, the sun was warmer and the food was sweeter. But to cherish those memories is to deliberately ruin the present. Because to do so is to feel regret. And that is a negative emotion that leads to homesickness. If only to remember, then the brightest moments when you were happy, so they recharge the positive.


And what is there in the present, when age is no longer young? Not so little. The brain develops as one learns new things. By old age, people get tired of gaining knowledge and that's not good. We need to take the example of those retirees who join together in hobby groups. Gardening, knitting, book clubs, singing - a lot of activities that allow somewhere to strive, share experiences, communicate.



If, due to health, active activities are inaccessible, there remain books - an endless source of learning about yourself and the world. The timeless classics, reread at a mature age, can surprise you with new, previously incomprehensible meanings. You'll realize that you're not alone in living their lives with the characters, finding the same thoughts and feelings. After all, people have not changed over the centuries


Doable physical activity has a beneficial effect on mood, there is energy. Even if you don't feel like moving, you have to pull yourself out of the swamp on your own, just like Baron Munchausen. "You start to move, and then it gets easier," admit many pensioners.


Great if there is a dacha or a plot where you can grow flowers. Communicating with nature is soothing. If it does not, just watch the clouds floating, falling leaves, snow - a meditative mood is guaranteed. Remember, in Exupery, The Little Prince could watch the sunsets all day, good thing they happen as many as 43 times on his planet.


Find beauty and joy in every day and start the morning with positive thoughts. That's what Bekhtereva advises. Also:


2. train your brain.

Many people are lazy to learn. Our development stops as soon as we stop receiving new information and go in a circle, chewing over the hundredth time already known facts. Older people become "frozen" in the past. Meanwhile, life goes on, not standing still. There is a fear of new technology, devices.


Start small. Change your usual routes. Go not to the familiar store at home, but across the bus stop. Go back home through yards instead of the main street. The brain absorbs any new information, not necessarily learning information. Or rather, it develops always when it receives fresh impressions.



Ask your grandchildren to tell you about some washing machine or phone functions that you don't understand. This will also bring you much closer together than reminiscing about the years of your youth and telling them how good it was back then.


Classic of the genre - do the crossword puzzle. This is really entertaining, and entertaining, and good for the psyche. Play chess, board games. Now they are a great variety. Again, it's very close to the youth.


Excellent if you are active. Channel your energy in a useful way. Sign up for the pool, visit art galleries and theaters. Retirement is a time to do all the things you didn't have time to do before.


And the main advice is not to get discouraged! Even if your opportunities are limited, there are still many achievements ahead.


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