Your health is your most valuable asset

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Your health is your most valuable asset, Health is refer to the conditions of your body it also seen as a degree to which some thing or some one is successful, For a better life and a good or standardlize future you need to protect your health, Always appreciate, nurture and protect your health. Health is what determines the kind of strength and power a man will use to perform his day to day activities it determine the level in which a man think about a goal, when you practice to keep a low health you will surely have a low thinking and low prosperities always protect your health, Your health is your most valuable asset.


   Health defines and qualify a man in so many ways. Health is the general controller of the body and system,Once an individual looses the abilities of keeping a good health he or she will surely do things the way it should not be or he or she will get stress and might "kick the bucket". Health is wealth, when you keep a good health status you are the most richest person on earth, Health gives you peace of mind you need to maintain a good health to have a peace of mind human needs to work and stay away from things that will cause harm to there health. 


  Health is seen as a successful thing or being, It clearly means that when you keep a good health status and you stay away from harmful things that will reduce your good health level definitely you are a successful being and what every you lay your hands on shall prosper. Keeping a good health status will also make some one days long on earth, Having a good health status will make you a special being and a wonderful being. Health is the leader of the body a sick person cannot start to perform some day to day activities because of she keeps a sick health status, Bring up a good health by doing what is right and what should be done don't give a bad health a space in your life make your life better with a good healthy life .




 Health is wealth, It is that state or condition of a body of a thing or humans health describe the type of categories of people you are it talks more about your attitude and thinking health is the lifter, improver of the brain.Health gives motivations to do some things great no one has ever done before,Health keeps you safe when you think you are not, Health is the creation of ideas and suggestions in making some new and helpful, Since the world is on the other side where there is bad version of things there is also a bad version for health when you keep a bad version of health i.e a bad health you will engage in doing this which are not supposed to be done. 


 There are several reasons why you need to make your health your valuable asset. Health on it own determines the number of age you are gonna live on earth, if you keep and maintain a good health it is likely for you to live very longer by God grace but if you keep a bad health your living days are surely on risk which means you could suddenly die at any time. Health gives inspirations to make success you want to make success then you have to keep your health your valuable asset by keeping, practicing and maintaining a good healthy status. 


 Making "Your health yourvaluable asset" is only for your benefits because when you keep a good health you will surely have a better life. If you want to use all the days of your life in good health in happiness, in success and motivations for greatness it is best advisable for you to always practice to keep and maintain a good health and making them your valuable asset will surely make you keep them . It time you stay away from things that kills you that you don't know keep a good healthy life and status. 




 When you make your health your valuable asset then you make success your friend* .





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