1;According to a vlog done by a kenyan youtuber PATRICK he gave out some of the ways one  that can help an upcomming content creator  to establish his or her youtube channel

  1.  He gave out the following ways that had enabled him to  get  a big number of subscribers  few weeks after joining youtube
  2.  Have a well established profile-in this he stated and said that it is good to have a profile  picture or a logo that can make viewers have the arge to look at what you do in your channel

  3.  As part of your profile you should consider writting what your channel is about; ie if your channel is about travel you should consider travel as part of your profile- this enables the  the viewers to know what to expect and fetch the right audience for your channel

  4. Look for people who create contents that are related to yours  content this enables  you to have ideas on the next content to apload in your channel the youtubers that youtubers that you  might be following must not be  more  or less established as you are, you can even borrow ideas from  those with less numbers than you do 

  5.   Content apload ; you should be consistent in aploading your content accord to how you plan to do; if your plan is to apload three contents in a week  you should adhere to the plan  this makes it easy for your content to reach out to many people 

  6. relation with fellow content creators; Patrick stated that  it is avdiceable to relate well with fellow youtubers as in watch their videos and comment from there his or her subscribers might  click in to your profile to see more about you ensure you leave a nice comment that can have many having an eye in it

  7. relation with your viwers; you should always consider your viewers comment on  how to  improve your channel and  what to correct this makes then feel served with what they want and also feels the participation in the content remmember not all comments are meant to have feed backs and also to be taken to serious  consideration since some are meant to discourage you avoid such comment for they have brought so many content creator down

  8. Earning; many people opt to open youtube channels as part of their day to day hustle for you to be payed by youtube you must have attained some qualification for youtube to monitise you;get to have hit atleast 500 subscribers  or 1000 subrscribers ----- for the 500 subscribers you must have atleast 3000 public watch hours  and 3million  shorts views  if you attain that you can now apply for monitisation    for 1000 subscribers you must have  atleast 4000  public watch hours and  atleast 10 million public shorts views if you get to attain that you are now elligble to apply for monitisation   payments are made according to  the number of views  you get per videos.                                              


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