ySense – View Ads & Make Money Online + 10 Ways To Get More Referrals

ySense is one of the most popular and most stable Paid To Click(PTC) / Get Paid To(GPT) site today. There are a lot of ways to make money from their programs like viewing ads, completing offers, playing grid, performing tasks and taking surveys. If you’re looking for a “get rich fast” scheme, then ySense is good for you. To earn excellent money from ySense, you need to be patient.

How To Join ysense For Free?

  1. Click Here To Register >>
  2. Enter all your required details. (i.e- email, name, username, password)
  3. Click on ‘JOIN NOW‘ Button.
  4. Verify your Email Id by Click on Confirmation Mail.
  5. Thats it..!! Now refer your friends, Complete Tasks and Earn Unlimited.

How to Make Money?

1. View Ads: You can earn $0.001-$0.02 per click. You can view ads and get paid for it. Each ad is for 3 seconds to maximum 60 seconds. The amount of each kind of ads is different depending on the time of ad.

2. Take Survey: This is where money is. First, fill out your Survey Profile and from time to time you will be asked for participating in paid Surveys. The price of the surveys ranges from $0.30-$10 per survey. If you live in a wealthy country, you will get offered higher value Surveys.

3. Complete Offers: These are the easiest part of the site for making money. There are lots of offers, complete the ones which are suitable for you. They are as easy as downloading software to your phone or registering to a site. Try to keep away from giving your credit cards details to the sites in the offers.

4. Do Tasks: Along with Surveys, Tasks are the best place to make money. There are tasks that you should do to get paid. Check it; you will understand better.

5. Click yGrid: This is like a lottery. You can win daily up to $10 by attempting your luck on ysense. You have got 30 chances (60 for premium members) to click on boxes of ygrid. You can see image below to have an idea about how it looks. Each box has linked to advertiser’s website which you have to see for 10 seconds (5 seconds for premium members), and when the timer ends, you get notified that you won or not. The pictures on ygrid do change on every click (unless you lock you a favorite picture) 

6. Referring Others: This is one solid thing on ysense. You are paid 5 to 10 percent commission daily on your referrals earnings on ygrid, ads, offers, tasks, purchase of ad credits. If are a premium member you can get a commission from 7 levels below your affiliate tree. You also get $0.50 or $1.00 (for premium membership) when your direct referral earns $10 or $5 respective to your membership type. See the full chart of affiliate earning below.

Top 10 Ways To Get More Referrals?

  1. Create Videos to Promote Your Referral link, and upload it to Youtube.
  2. Send an email to all your contacts, and tell them to join with your referral link.
  3. Tell friends and family. Anyone who wants to join, ask to join using your referral link. Let them know it takes just a few minutes of their time every day, and that’s enough.
  4. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of “Easy Money Making.”
  5. Put your referral link on your Description/ Name on all social media profiles with a brief explanation
  6. Write a classified ad on OLX or Any other website. 
  7. Talk to students at high schools and colleges.
  8. Send your Facebook, Instagram friends a message with your referral link.
  9. Advertise on online games.
  10. Attach your referral link in your email address as a signature.


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