Zinedine Zidane to Manchester United?

Manchester - Zinedine Zidane's name is on the radar of the new manager of Manchester United. Unfortunately, Zidane is not interested in coaching the Red Devils. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's future as Manchester United manager is being speculated following the team's poor form. Manchester United last lost 0-5 to Liverpool at Old Trafford, Sunday (10/24/2021) night.

It was MU's worst home defeat against his eternal rival. No doubt the wave of protests against Solskjaer only grew louder. Solskjaer is considered not qualified to handle a star-studded team like MU. Three years is considered enough to be patient to see the performance of the Norwegian manager. Moreover, Solskjaer has not been able to present a trophy for MU. Therefore, the MU management is now considering sacking Solskjaer. If Solskjaer is indeed fired, then two top names will be the main candidates for his replacement, namely Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte. It just so happened that both of them had been unemployed since last summer. Conte is indeed the main candidate because he is considered to have coaching experience in England and can discipline MU players.

However, Conte's playing style that is too rigid or rigid will be a big challenge for the players. So Zidane actually has a big chance to fill the position of Manchester United manager if Solskjaer is fired. Zidane's background in holding a star-studded team at Real Madrid is a plus.

Quoted by Mundo Deportivo, the French coach is not ready to return to managing the club and needs time to rest after five intense years. Since taking charge of Madrid in January 2016, Zidane had practically only had a full nine months of rest when he stepped down in June 2018, before returning to coaching in February 2019. Plus Zidane doesn't speak English so it will be difficult for him to adapt, plus Premier League football doesn't suit his style. If anyone can tempt Zinedine Zidane to return to coaching, it's reportedly only the French national team or Paris Saint-Germain.


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