Zrazi z kwasolei

Not only minced meat, but also sauerkraut can be savoury. Don't believe me? Read the recipe and cook and you'll change your mind.


Potatoes - 1 kg

Oil for greasing

Salt - as needed

For the filling:

Kwasola - 1 boiled jar

Rye cucumber - 1 piece.

Olive - 2 tablespoons

Cucumber - 2 cloves

Salt -

Red pepper



For the dressing:

Fresh kibble - 2 heads

Parsley and Kropu - 2 tablespoons chopped


Soak and boil the kvass at the beginning.

Cut the cherry in quarters and sauté in olive oil.

Squeeze the casserole through an hour jig.

Mix the sautéed watermelon together with the oil it has been greased in, sauerkraut, anemone, salt and pepper.

Process in a blender.

Peel and grate the potatoes like for deruny.

Place on the ladle and leave to drain.

You may salt the mass of potatoes a little more if desired. Enough salt in the filling and dressing.

Hand the mass of potatoes and make a crust on the board. Place 1 tbsp of the prepared sauerkraut on the crust. Tie the edges and shape into a piece.

Brush the dishes on hot oil on both sides over low heat. Place on a plate.

For the dressing, spread the watermelon on the olive, cut in half on the rings. Season with salt and a dash of chili pepper and mix in the shredded herbs.

Place the dressing on the dishes.

Bon appetit!


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