10 Best ways to get the most out of your travels

After years of traveling the world and visiting many of the best backpacking destinations, we decided it was time to compile our top travel tips. Take note if you're just starting out on your world travel adventures to avoid making the same mistakes.They should assist you with everything, from planning your adventures to saving money and even staying safe on the road! Whether you're planning a long weekend in an exciting city with your partner, a week in the sun with friends, or a solo round-the-world trip, here are my top travel tips gleaned from thirty years of travel and more than twenty years working in the travel industry. These simple hacks will help you make the most of your travels, from how to prepare before you go, what to pack, where to find the best places to eat, and how to maximize your time while away.

Travel preparation advice

1. Purchase travel insurance:

This is a no-brainer for me. Medical treatment and repatriation can easily cost tens of thousands of pounds if you become ill or wounded while traveling, therefore it's simply not worth the risk. If you have anything stolen, your insurance should compensate you, but remember to report the loss to the local police and obtain a case number so you can file a claim. Travel insurance is included in my bank account, therefore I don't have to pay anything more. It's worth investigating if you're not sure if you're protected by your bank.

2. Make use of no-fee credit cards: 

Don't hand your money to your bank; you've worked hard for it. Use Loot to find a credit card that doesn't charge you for using ATMs abroad and a debit card that doesn't charge you for using them. While this may not seem like a big deal on a short trip, if you travel frequently or are on a long trip like me, it will soon add up.

3. Make duplicates of your passport and other vital documents:

Scanned all relevant documents, emailed to yourself, and photocopied You can keep the copies and leave the originals in the hotel safe. If the worst happens and all of your stuff are lost or stolen, you may access your email and download copies.

4. Bring a reusable water bottle:

If I'm flying, I'll carry the empty bottle through security and top it up on the plane. This allows me to drink plenty of water on the plane without having to pay for costly plastic water bottles. It benefits both your cash and the environment. When I can't drink the local tap water, I've been known to go to the hotel gym and fill up from the water dispenser (a little cheeky! ), but you can also acquire water bottles with a filter to make tap water drinkable.

5.Invest in a travel adaptor:

Make sure you have the correct travel adaptor for the sort of electrical outlets in the country you're visiting. In case one of my USB chargers breaks, I make sure I have two. No matter where you

6. Keep only the necessities in your hand luggage:

Always pack important goods like medication in your hand luggage rather than your checked luggage. While I haven't lost any hold luggage to date (thank goodness), I have had my bags delayed. This is especially prevalent when flying on many flights, so packing a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage is a good idea. In my cabin bag, I always have (at the very least) spare undergarments.


7. Vaccinate yourself:

Check the NHS Fit for Travel website (or an equivalent if you aren't in the UK) to see what vaccinations you might require. are traveling from or to, worldwide travel adaptors are ideal. Purchase this one in the United States or this one in the United Kingdom. It's essentially the only one you'll ever require. 

8. Bring clothing that is culturally appropriate: 

If you're visiting a place with a culture that's extremely different from your own, do some homework on what to wear so you don't insult anyone. I've discovered that it's best to err on the side of caution. Even when I've been to a Muslim country where it's common to see scantily clad tourists on the beach or by the hotel pool, I've dressed modestly when wandering around the hotel grounds, despite the fact that many others do not. Walking around in cropped tops and shorts that barely cover your bum may look to be completely appropriate, but the locals are simply putting up with it.

9. Accumulate miles and points:

Travelers with a lot of experience know how to save money by collecting points and air miles. For a few evenings, I once found myself in Toronto without a place to stay. This was an unexpected expense that wasn't in my budget and threatened to ruin my vacation. I went online and looked for a hotel that I could pay for using my flying miles. It used up a lot of points, but I didn't mind.

10. Don't try to do everything at once:

Don't plan every detail of your day ahead of time. To begin with, if you try to see everything, you will become exhausted from racing around and will fail to appreciate what you do see. Second, you'll almost certainly discover items while you're there that you'll want to include into your day on an as-needed basis. 


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