10 Myths About Making Money

Myth One:

If I had chosen a lucrative career in my day, I would have become rich.


Reality: There are millionaires in every profession. It is possible to make a lot of money in absolutely every industry. You don't have to rush around looking for a lucrative career - you are the one who makes your career profitable. You are the rudder and the ship of your business.


Myth two: 

If my parents were wealthy, I'd be wealthy too.


Reality: If you take a closer look at the biographies of the wealthy, you will find that most of them come from fairly poor families and a few come from middle-income families. What is also interesting is that even children from wealthy families often make their own fortunes. 


Myth three:

If I studied better, I would make more money.


Reality: Learning is important, of course. But you need to learn by doing. Statistics show that excellent students rarely become rich. Practice is much stronger than lectures.


Myth number four:

If I were like other rich people, in the right place at the right time, I would become successful.


Reality: Rich people were rarely lucky. They just worked very hard in both body and mind.

Luck and success are not expected, they are created.


Myth Five:

If our country had a better economy, I'd be rich.


Reality: Absolutely every society and country has its millionaires, because there is money everywhere.


Myth Six:

If only opportunities to make more money were still available, I would be wealthy.


Reality: Today, the opportunities to make good money are even greater than they used to be.


Myth Seven:

If the state, my family, or my employer, went out of their way to help me, I would be able to earn a lot.


Reality: Believe me, anything can happen to you at any time. You could get fired, and your family could leave you. Make a point-you alone are responsible for your own success.


Myth eighth:

If I had a lot of money, I'd start investing and saving right away.


Reality: As philosophy has it, even the ocean is initially made up of small drops of water. Start your success small.


Myth #9:

If I work long and hard, I will definitely become successful and rich.


Reality: There are so many poor people who work so hard. Remember. The rich never work hard-they work smart-they work smart. 


Myth #10.

It takes a lot of money to make money.


Reality: You only need money to grab your opportunity.


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