An Inmates near death experience: How Glossip is barely escaping death row

An Inmates near death experience: How Glossip is barely escaping death row

Oklahoma scheduled its fourth attempt to execute Richard Glossip for Sept. 22. His claims of innocence have drawn unusually bipartisan backing, including 28 Republican state lawmakers, most of whom support the death penalty. Credit:Oklahoma Department of Corrections via AP

What caused Glossip to end up on death row for the brutal murder of VAN TREESE?


In a court case against Glossip for the murder of Van Tresse, a journalist at the time of his death, Justin Sneed testified that Glossip paid him $10,000 for the murder to be committed. As an accomplice and for the solicitation of murder of the former journalist the jury heard the case which had Justin Sneed as an “Indispensable witness” in their case.

How did Glossip get charged with murder and the Key witness?

“On January 7, 1997, Barry Van Treese was murdered. On July 31, 1998. Glossip was first sentenced to death for the first-degree malice murder of Barry Van Treese. Three years later, the OCCA overturned his conviction for ineffective assistance of counsel.”-


Through the years and back and forth appeals Glossip had delayed the death penalty.  In January of 2024, OCCA agreed to hear Glossip VS Oklahoma and has pushed for an extension that would delay his execution considering discovery evidence by the new attorney general.

Sneed has witnesses that implicate him as the true murderer of Van Tresse.

“The first filing includes a sworn statement from a former cellmate of Justin Sneed. Sneed is the man who beat Barry Van Treese to death with a baseball bat and later testified Glossip paid him to commit the murder. According to the affidavit of Joseph Tapley, Tapley shared a cell with Sneed at the Oklahoma County Jail shortly after the murders. Tapley said he and Sneed spent much of their time reading the Bible, and even provided pictures of his Bible showing what he said is Sneed's signature dated September 28, 1997.” -

In addition to the new evidence of a boastful convict Sneed has a second witness that was in a cell next to theirs who also provided statements that collaborated with Sneed’s former cell mate.


The court now has an extension of the death penalty and will hear Glossip once again in court; this time bringing Sneed’s addictions to methamphetamine and his mental illness which makes him violent and unstable into question. Along with the boasting confession to a previous cell mate.




I would like to insert my own opinion into the topic at hand. This case began in 1998, twenty-five years later new discoveries about the case have sparked interest that Sneed acted alone in the murder of Van Tresse. This is a huge disservice to Glossip for the time he has had to skirt around the multiple near-death sentences over five times to be exact. Each time Glossip protesting his innocence.  Luckily there is a new Attorney General in Oklahoma and with the state personally admitting error in the disclosure of Sneed’s mental health and his addiction to narcotics I just must ask. Did the justice system in fact fail Glossip?  I will be following this case which has been extended until June 8th of 2024 where Glossip will get his chance to plead to the court again for his life and bring the truth into light once again and hopefully once for all. 


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