10 Reasons Why Running Gives You Peace

10 Reasons Why Running Gives You Peaceng is something that can clear the mind of all that chaos life throws at us. For many people, running is their saving grace to become the calm, level headed person they are. Here are 10 reasons why running gives you peace.

Bye bye depression

Running is extremely powerful. It clears the mind leaving you feeling in an elevated state of mind. It keeps depression from creeping its way back into your life if you suffer from this. It must be stated, that running does not cure you of depression, but it will reduce the feelings of it. The reason being is that when you are running, you begin to let go. You are focused on getting your workout in and as you do so your body begins to release all the pressure you put on yourself. You stop thinking so much and start living. Endorphins will be skyrocketing and your ability to handle life will come easier for you making you overall happier.

Dealing with substance abuse can be reversed

Substance abuse is a real problem going on in the world. More often than not do we hear about others trying drugs to “have a good time” when in the long run it can ruin your well-being if you continue to do it too much. Drugs have the ability to decrease your brain’s production of both dopamine and serotonin meaning it will burn out your receptors. By running, you actually are able to help re normalize this function and heal the brain. 

Self esteem

One of the greatest things that running can do for you is to build your esteem. Self esteem comes from knowing who you are and being okay with that. It’s not all about being perfect always to have the confidence you need to get you through your day. It’s about taking the time to be with yourself and decide who you want to be in this world. Running can give you the time and space to analyze this situation positively. When you run you have time to think, time to be. You learn to push yourself harder and feel a sense of accomplishment when you do so. You believe in yourself more the more you run and feel great by doing so.

You will stop eating all that bad food.

Eating. We all do it and almost everyone loves it. More often than not in our society, we tend to grab unhealthy meals more often than healthy ones. This is a force of nature especially if you are used to doing this so often. It can be even hard to get out of this habit. Running has a lot of awesome benefits and one of them being that it changes our mindset to eat healthier. The more you run the more you will realize that eating healthy to fuel your body to do better while running will be the outcome you will want to choose over and over again. Running just for 1 hour can actually motivate you to pick the healthier option.


Being creative is a beautiful thing. We are all creative in our own way. When you get to use your creativity to the best of your advantage the world is yours. Not using your creativity can not only be a crime to the world but to yourself. If you don’t use that part of you, you aren’t growing your inner self. You are actually letting go of a very important part of yourself. To boost your creativity in the best way possible is to apply running into your lifestyle. Adding running lets your mind be free and helps you wander into new possibilities and journeys. Let go of the hard exterior that sits within you. 

Hello amazing sleep

The worst feeling in the world is not getting enough sleep. One of the main reasons why people don’t get enough sleep is because they are stressed about something. The constant overthinking eats many people alive leaving them with little to no sleep. Eventually, that little amount of sleep ends up turning into a very irritated soul which in the long makes us be rude and unappreciative towards others. Even our diets will most likely suffer if we don’t get enough sleep. The main focus here is to try running or some type of exercise to help with having a goodnight’s sleep. You’ll feel like a whole new person in no time. 

Stop with the anxiety

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety then you know running will be the answer. Running helps you let go of everything you are worrying about Your body will start to loosen up, and your mind will stay clear. The best feeling in the world is after your run. Most likely you will feel a runner’s high where all it is feeling pure peace. Nothing but peace. If you haven’t felt this beautiful feeling, then RUN. 

No more again

Stress can actually make us age faster. If you are always worrying about everything and anything, you need to stop because you are actually hurting yourself in the meantime. It’s not good to overwork your brains because then your brain will start to age. You will stop remembering the things that matter most in life. To release that excess stress, enjoy life by running. With 15-30 minutes of running a couple times a week, your sense of remembering becomes better. 


As said previously, running helps with learning things faster, but it also helps with storing your new encounters into your brain longer. If you want to learn more with the ability to retain it, then running can do the trick! Again, when you are too stressed out about life, it becomes extremely hard to learn anything new let alone retain it. 

Speed learning

If you are the type of person who struggles with learning things fast, then it may be time to pick up running. Since running clears the mind fast, our ability to absorb more information becomes easier. Think about a time when you were really stressed, do you think you would be able to learn anything new at that moment? Probably not! It would be extremely difficult and even if you did learn something new, it could be harder to store those new things into your long term memory. Running helps you release the thoughts so you are able to collect the new ones.


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