10 tips from people who have already succeeded

10 tips from people who have already succeeded 


Personal experience, of course, is good, but you can learn not only from it. It is clear that you cannot master the experience of all mankind - there is no time for that. But you can learn something from successful people. Just do what they recommend and climb to the top of success in a short way. 


1. Invest in development 

Always and everywhere the most valuable asset is you. To increase the value of that asset, you need to invest in it. Successful people are sure that up to 10% of income is worth investing in education. Do not be afraid to spend money on seminars and trainings - it will pay off hundredfold.  


2. Be curious 

As children we are all curious, but as we get older we stop being interested in the world around us. While curiosity is a very useful quality for life. Curious people in search of an answer to a question find unconventional solutions and notice new opportunities. Develop curiosity - it is a companion to an active attitude in life and, consequently, to success. 


3. Work on the weekends 

What do successful people do while most lose time killing 48 hours on so-called "vacation"? Right. Combine business with pleasure. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to rest. But you can always organize the weekend so that part of the time should be dedicated to rest and the other - to spending the time productively. You will move through life faster than those who prefer to lie in bed on Saturdays and Sundays. 


4. Speak beautifully 

Stubbornness is a handicap on the road to success. Develop your public speaking ability - the art of speaking beautifully and persuasively. Whoever speaks well, seems confident, successful and active. If you cannot say a word, you have a reputation as a nerd and a loser. 


5. No regrets about failures 

People learn from failures, not waste a lot of time on regrets. Failure is an experience through which you can find new promising opportunities. Think about how many times Thomas Edison failed to improve the incandescent light bulb.   


6. More action 

Planning and analysis are good, but only practice allows you to build something. You can measure a hundred times and not even cut once. Don't be afraid to take action. After all, any failure is a new experience. 


7. Learn to ignore 

Envious people, detractors, and idle critics will always appear on the road to success. Ignore them. Don't allow yourself to be put out of line. Protect yourself with an armor of confidence and belief in success. 


8. Believe in yourself 

Everything that have been accomplished by others can be accomplished by you too. You just don't have much experience yet, but that's only for now. It's within your power to gain experience. Believe in yourself. Take action. 


9. Help others 

Help others. The boomerang effect exists and it works. Helping people always pays off handsomely, and successful people know this. One condition is that helping and giving (time, money, care, attention) must be done from the heart. By helping others, you help yourself in the end.  


10. To learn from others 

And the most useful advice from successful people is to learn from those who can do better. Reach out to those who are higher on the social ladder. Successful people pump up their environment to become similar in spirit and mindset to those who are good at turning their ambitious plans into reality.


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