10 Trusted 2021 Money-Making Game Applications Available on the Google Play Store Android

Here are 10 game applications

a trusted 2021 moneymaker that is reportedly always paying its users.

 Various types of the fastest money-making game applications are now increasingly circulating.

 People who want to get Rupiah coffers only through smartphones are starting to look at games or money-making game applications.

 There are various kinds of money-making apps or games, some of which are proven to pay and some are late or not paying.

 In previous news, Tribunjateng.com has collected a number of games or money-making applications.

 This time Tribunjateng.com presents 10 of the fastest paying money-making applications, compiled from various sources.


 MaGer is a game made by SIDJI Studio from Semarang which has the slogan "Distribute anti-coat prizes".

 This game application some time ago presented a massive event and was supported by a Japanese restaurant in Indonesia, Hanamasa.

  Even a former member of JKT48, Andela Yuwono, was a guest star to play together (mabar) with its users.

SIDJI Studio claims that it will distribute prizes on a daily basis such as vouchers and credit.

 Users just play a choice of a number of games such as agility contests, then collect stars.

 If the star has reached the specified number, the user will get a reward or prize.

 MaGer also collects coins first before users exchange them into digital money or credit.

The application can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.


 Snack Videos


 Snack Video is a short video platform.  Snack Video is a money-making app that

 one of them is rumored to be able to withdraw money fastest.

 Users will be rewarded by Snack Video if they have carried out the mission and successfully completed it.

 These missions are like logging in every day, watching videos, giving likes to videos that are watched.

Snack Video can be installed on Android via the Google Play Store or on Iphone via the App Store.

 Snack Video has been downloaded by more than 100 million users on the Google Play Store.

 The quick way to earn money from the application is quite easy.  Users simply invite friends to earn money easily.

 But in this application cashout can be done must pass exactly 24 hours.




 Neo+ is one of the fastest money-making apps because it has its own digital bank.

 The application is a digital bank application developed by Bank Neo Commerce which has been established since 1990.

 Neo+ can be downloaded via the Google Play Store on Android.

 The application has also been installed more than 1 million times on the Google Play Store.

Through this application, users can receive Rp 20 thousand in cash when they first register using a referral. Users will also get Rp. 25 thousand by referring to friends.

 How to use it, download and install the "Neo+: BNC digital bank, savings & free transfer" application on the Google Play Store with a size of about 19 MB.

Open the app and register yourself using the phone number you want to use

Enter the OTP Code sent by the Neo+ application to the destination number.

Enter the Referral Code (optional), then agree to the Terms and Conditions imposed by the Neo+ application.

Set a password that has several conditions such as, consisting of 8-16 characters, using numbers, upper and lower case letters, and using special characters such as exclamation marks or question marks.

 Later, the Neo+ application will directly give Rp. 20,000 which can be claimed for the first reward.

Rewards can be claimed by clicking 'Profile' > 'Neo Rewards' > Clicking to claim Rewards Rp. 20,000.

New users of the Neo+ application will get two coupons, namely the Extra Interest Coupon and the 10 Million Experience Coupon.

Select the 10 Million Experience Coupon and tap the 'Use' button on the right of the screen. Then later users will get money around Rp. 1,600/day for 30 days.

 So in total, the Neo+ app distributes IDR 50,000 to new users. And the last prize users can get through the "Take Daily Rewards" feature offered by the Neo+ application.

This means that users are required to use and open the Neo+ application every day. Even from these features, users can enjoy prizes of more than Rp. 30,000.

 This means that new users of the Neo+ application can immediately get more than IDR 100,000 without having to do any activities.

It should be noted that Neo Commerce Bank reportedly has not obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) due to strict regulations for licensing digital banks.

However, the company stated that the Neo+ application was known by the OJK as one of the money-making applications that Indonesians could use.




TikTok is of course already known to most people as a platform for sharing and watching short videos.

However, TikTok can also be a money-making app. TikTok itself was developed by ByteDance.

ByteDance promises to provide a sizable amount of money for users who complete the missions available in the app. It is noted that users can collect IDR 54,000 from one account only.

The application can be downloaded via the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Once downloaded and opened, click the 'Profile' menu at the bottom right of the smartphone screen.

Tap the 'Gold Coin' logo located at the top left of the screen, next to the 'Find Friends' option.

In this mission, TikTok only holds an Invite Friend event which users can do by pressing the 'Invite Friends' button.

Users can directly share the invitation code to several chat rooms such as WhatsApp groups, Facebook, or others.

After that, users will be immediately given a prize of Rp. 4,000 for each friend's account who registers using an invitation code.

To be able to get Rp 54,000 in cash, it is necessary to make sure that the friend who is invited uses the invitation code when logging into TikTok that is active until the specified time limit.

If the invited friend is active for 3 days, the user will get an additional IDR 10,000.

Then on the 7th day there will be another prize of Rp. 15,000 and later after 14 consecutive active TikTok days, users can receive Rp. 25,000.

Users can also monitor the active period of friends who use their referral code on TikTok.


Indo Today


Indo Today is a money making application for people who like to read news.

Indo Today became one of the viral apks and most of the users proved that the developer of the application paid.

If you usually don't get paid for reading news, then Indotoday gives appreciation gifts for its users.

After the user installs Indo Today on the smartphone and creates an account, the user can enter the code to get the S1YK2W bonus.

One way to earn money is to read the news, check in every day, play the wheel of fortune and others.

The amount that can be withdrawn is IDR 5,000 to IDR 500.000




The Helo application is a kind of content sharing platform that can make its users connect with many other users around the world.

Helo is available on the Google Play Store and is trusted to consistently pay its users quickly.

The application contains funny videos that can be posted on Instagram or used as WhatsApp status.

Through Helo, users will earn money if they actively post various content on social media.

The more active users post, of course the more money they get.

In addition, users can also get money faster if they use the invite friends feature.

In the Helo application, 10 coins are equivalent to Rp. 1, in other words 1 Helo coin is equal to 0.1 Rupiah.

If the user has 1000 coins, then you have a balance of Rp. 100.




The Watcherviews app is also one that is known to pay its users fast.

To earn money, users simply watch YouTube videos.




An app called Earn money for Free with Givvy! This can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

The application will pay users using Dollars.

From several reviews, the application includes the

fastest in paying users.

The application contains games, filling out surveys and others.

Users can enter the lottery, there are collectable rewards for coins and users can also invite friends.

The game is available on the Google Play Store under the name GAMEE Prizes - Play Free Games, WIN REAL CASH!.

Measuring about 26 mb, this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

This game has a game system that is quite unique. Users only need to collect tickets in various ways.

For example, following missions, inviting friends, bonus rounds, and others.

There is a minimum of game time that needs to be met to get a certain number of tickets.

If a large number of tickets have been collected, the user can immediately exchange them into a DANA balance.

In addition to mobile phones, the game has also been proven to pay from several reviews. This game can be played on PC via the official website.

 There are more than 70 games that can be played.

The drawback of this game according to a number of reviews is too many ads.


Island King


Game Island King is a game about a pirate who plunders, plunders the island and builds his own island.

This game was developed by Forever9 Games and downloaded more than 10 million times.

For users who are looking for a game that makes money directly into their account, Island King can be one of the choices.

The reason is, the game developed by this Chinese company provides prizes in the form of balances. DANA or other e-wallet. Users can complete certain missions.

However, the nominal money earned depends on the level and perseverance in carrying out the mission.

Apart from completing missions, other ways to make money in Game Island King are watching videos between games, inviting friends and so on.

Users then get rewards that can be exchanged for nominal money that has been integrated in a number of digital wallet applications such as GoPay, Ovo, Dana and ShopeePay.

Not only fighting over coins that can be used as digital money, players can compete to create their own islands.

When viewed from Google Play, the average Island King user gave a review that the game was proven to pay off.


Game Numbers Wheel


The game called Spin The Wheel - Earn Money made by Wingle Apps can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

The game is about 60 mb in size and downloaded more than 500 thousand times.

The type of game is like roulette.

Users must select numbers and points in the hope of luck.

The accumulated points can be exchanged for Rupiah.

Users can also earn money for free just by inviting friends.

The Number Wheel Game provides a unique game that can make money quite quickly.

  Those are 10 money-making game applications that are available on the Google Play Store and can be tried in 2021.


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