13 benefits of running for the body

13 benefits of running for the body we will learn about today through the platform of our article where sports play an important role in a person's life, and sports can change his life for the better. Running is one of the most important types of sports, and running has many benefits that improve human health, and running helps to lose excess weight.

13 benefits of running for the body In this article we monitor, 15 benefits of running for the body, and the importance of this sport for human health.

1.     Get the ideal weight

 Running helps to lose weight and get rid of obesity, as running burns more calories. It also gets rid of the flabbiness that results from losing weight and gives an unaesthetic view of the person. Running should be practiced regularly, and start slowly, so as not to injure the person.

2.     heart strengthening

Running helps to strengthen the heart muscle, as it greatly stimulates blood circulation. It also lowers cholesterol and reduces harmful fats. Studies have proven that regular jogging reduces the incidence of heart disease and stroke by half.

3.   to relieve stress and tension,

 Where it improves the general mood of the person. Running stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which relieve stress, and treat headaches caused by stress and life stress.

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4.     Reduce the incidence of diabetes

 Regular jogging keeps the body active, reduces weight, and stimulates cells to produce insulin. Which works to maintain the level of sugar in the body, and control blood sugar.

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5.      Maintaining healthy skin and your face skin

Running works to maintain the health of the skin and your face skin, as it increases the perspiration of the body. Which leads to the elimination of toxins that cause the appearance of pimples and pimples on the skin. Running also helps stimulate blood circulation, which works to get as much oxygen as possible. Which gives the skin and skin vitality, as well as more important and beneficial nutrients for the skin and skin. After jogging, it is necessary to take a shower to get rid of impurities, which can lead to closing the pores of the skin.

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6.     improve digestion

Running improves digestion, as it treats indigestion, as well as colon spasms and constipation. It also improves bowel movement, relieves the feeling of bloating, as well as the gases produced by the body, and regulates the emptying of the colon.

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7.     Strengthening the breathing and chest muscles

Running, with the help of the body, performs the process of natural breathing, strengthens muscles, and increases lung capacity. It also improves blood gas exchange and improves lung function. In addition to chronic respiratory diseases, it also works to help the lung to perform its function properly. Reducing the incidence of cancer Running sports reduce the risk of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer. Running also strengthens the immune system, which gives the body fight diseases and reduces the risk of cancer.

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8.      improve brain cells

Running improves blood circulation to all parts of the body. This increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells, which improves brain health. It also increases concentration, and protects the body from the risk of mental disorders, especially during old age.

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9.      Get rid of depression

Running reduces anxiety and increases feelings of contentment.

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10.   muscle strengthening

 Running is a weight-lifting exercise, so it works to increase muscle strength and density. Running also can help with hand-eye coordination. In addition, it increases the strength of the joints, as it helps to increase the strength of tendons and ligaments, as well as reduce exposure to knee and ankle injuries. It also reduces the incidence of osteoporosis, as well as joint infections.

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11.  Stamina

 Running gives the body more endurance, as running helps to strengthen the muscles, which will enhance the body's endurance. Running also stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart muscle, and promotes mental health. All this gives the body the necessary strength to increase endurance.

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12.  Preserve youth, delay gray hair

 Running helps to maintain the freshness of the skin and skin, and also works to get rid of depression and stress. This sport reduces injuries associated with the signs of aging.

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13.  Psychological health

Running is based on enhancing self-confidence, through which it is possible to obtain the ideal weight. It is also possible to obtain a healthy active body, and this leads to a feeling of happiness. Getting enough water helps running to increase thirst, which leads to a lot of drinking and getting the water needed for the body.

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Running helps to increase thirst, which leads to a lot of drinking, and getting the water needed for the body.


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