14 photos of stars who got into other people's frames

 Arnold Schwarzenegger

That's how the Hollywood "terminator" was able to fit into the shot. Although, perhaps not all members of the group in the background were happy with the shot.

Angelina Jolie

Of course, Jolie did not expect that her colleagues will not miss the opportunity to take a photo with the star. Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black teased the actress.

Benedict Cumberbatch

This amazing actor did not miss the opportunity to be in the spotlight. By the way, Benedict loves to joke, diluting serious photos with a humorous image.

Chris Hemsworth.

No doubt about it, Chris was sure the photo would turn out great.


Kevin Spacey

By the way, this girl didn't immediately recognize actor Kevin Spacey running by. But Spacey decided not to pass up the chance to take a picture with the lady.


Dwayne Scala Johnson.

Of course, the guy taking selfies didn't think he'd meet a celebrity on the streets of New York.


Queen Elizabeth

The British Queen is no stranger to a sense of humor, and she decided to embellish the photos of the athletes from Australia.

Prince Harry

The grandson of the famous grandmother was not confused either. By the way, it was a shot of the participants of the Commonwealth Games when the prince was right there.

George Clooney

As fans of the actor know, he is considered a great master of practical jokes. He especially likes to play pranks on his colleagues. For example, in the photo of the British singer Ellie Golding and a dealer from the brand George wedged in successfully. A banal photo turned out to be an amusing masterpiece.

Jared Leto.

According to his colleagues, Jared is a prankster. This is how he ruined Anne Hathaway's photo in 2013.


Jensen Ackles.

That's how the actor from the movie "Dark Angel" took a photo with a girl on the beach. By the way, she turned out to be his devoted fan and for her this day will be remembered as the brightest day of vacation.

Nicolas Cage.

By the way, this young mommy wasn't expecting to take selfies with the star either. But Nicolas did his best.


Bryan Cranston

The American actor, winner of several prestigious film awards, stepped into the frame when a fan was photographed with Ty Burrell from "American Family."


John Travolta.

An ordinary couple from Georgia was celebrating their wedding. However, the photo shoot didn't go according to plan with the appearance of a Hollywood star. Of course, it was an unexpected surprise for the couple. As it turned out, John met the couple in a bar on the eve of the wedding. The future spouses and the actor said goodbye in the establishment after a couple of welcoming words. What was the guys' surprise when the actor arrived at the park and climbed into their frame.


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