15 Places You Must Visit Before You Turn 25


So you’re in your early 20’s, have an adventurous spirit and are hungry to fit the most travel possible into these precious years? If this sounds familiar then I have the ultimate list of places to start a new adventure before you reach the other side of 25.


What makes a great place to visit

1. It’s close to your home If you have your own house that you can rent, and have friends in the city then you’re already halfway to exploring a different world. You can go and explore all of these different places that have been on your mind since you were a kid. Or if you don’t have your own place to stay, you can share a place with other people from your life. I’m not saying that everyone will need to stay with other people, but it could be a great way to get out of your comfort zone. So what are some good cities to start a journey with? - Brighton - Paris - Hong Kong - Dublin - Prague - Edinburgh - London - Rome - Barcelona So there you have it. The 15 places you must visit before you turn 25.


The best places to visit before the age of 25

One of the first and most important things to consider when planning a trip is who you want to be on holiday with, especially if this is a first time trip away. This is because who you travel with will play a huge part in your experience. Don’t pick a trip purely because of the cheapest price or cheapest holiday deals. Make sure you are booking a holiday with someone you can share the same experiences with. Some of the destinations on this list are obviously tourist hotspots but it is more important to choose a destination where you can share the journey with like-minded people. So if you have no idea who your travel partner will be or where you want to go then let me be your tour guide to the most amazing places to go before you turn 25.


How to make the most of your trip

Our ultimate guide to the best places to visit before you turn 25, well you know it’s a good one. Be a little adventurous, learn new skills, explore new cultures, try something new and most importantly, don’t miss your moment of discovery. When you get home, re-visit these destinations and then make your bucket list. Check off those destinations on your list and add on new places, and the bucket list can grow and grow. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hike up a mountain, an in depth history lesson or the quirky experiences you experience on a long road trip. There is something out there for everyone. Who knows, maybe you’ll even inspire your younger siblings to become adventure seekers and go on their own trip before the age of 25.


What to eat

Oh man, I would come to Bolivia for the food alone! The tacos are amazing, the soups are crazy and the ceviche to die for. The streets are full of people, along with ox-cart and horse-drawn carts, and every lunch is a different experience. All within a single street, which is part of the main market. Simply one of the most beautiful food cultures on earth. Check out the streets of Bolivia for some of the best street food in the world. After a couple weeks in India, you will go full blown vegetarian. Make the change as soon as you can. Fresh, organic, well balanced and fresh is the name of the game. Very easy to do and can be done cheaply (the meals on my latest trip cost me less than 3 euro per person per meal), and will improve the long-term health of your body.


What to do

Becoming a world traveler is an evolving experience. Every visit is different; all the destinations I’ve been to in my travels are unique. This time I want to keep things consistent and highlight the best places to start a new adventure. All these countries are full of things to do and places to see and the best part is, they’re all relatively cheap, especially if you’re new to travelling or don’t have a budget for flying or hotels. You’ll have to pay a bit for transportation and food but there’s so much to do in each place. Here are 15 places you must visit before you turn 25: Estonia A land of sky scrapers and parks, and massive sheep. Estonia has a rich history that is rooted in its deep ties with the Nordic countries.



Whilst I am clearly biased in the beauty of my homeland of Chile, Chile is just one of a small handful of places in South America that you should consider visiting in your twenties. You are now entering your ‘natural peak’ years for travel, where your life experience, the desire for new experiences, the love of spontaneity and hopefully your earnings power will all combine to make travelling a seamless experience. Don’t let these years of financial freedom go to waste!


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