16 Blogging Tips For Beginners

1. Answer questions. 

Your audience has inquiries. Make the title of your blog article a precise query. Your blog post's content is the response to the query. 

2. Before writing, make an outline. 

Never start writing a blog post without first establishing a framework. The outline will serve as your road map and make it much simpler for you to maintain the progression of your blog article. 3. Don't stop writing your blog post until it is completely finished. 

This was by far my biggest error. Even if your blog post looks terrible, get it on paper. Revise your work after you're done. AVOID editing while you write. It will impede your progress and slow you down. After you've written your blog post on paper, use Grammarly. 

4. Write no less than 500 words. The recommended word count is 1500. 

When you first start writing, fifteen hundred words may seem like an unattainable endeavor, but I assure you that it is not. Numerous studies have demonstrated that longer blog entries generate more links, likes, and shares.

5. In your blog post, don't forget to use bullet points, numbers, and images. 

Each blog post should be simple to read. 6. The most effective blog postings are those that are evergreen. 

A blog article that will still be popular in a few years is called "evergreen." These are usually "how to" or list-style blog posts (like this one). 

7. Writing with enthusiasm is a good idea. People are affected by emotion. Try to elicit an emotional response from your reader. 

8. Write to just ONE reader at a time. Avoid writing for an audience. Write as though you are speaking to just ONE person. 

9. Find out how to tell stories well. 

Storytellers make the best writers. Make an effort to include a tale in each blog post. 

10. Be sincere, modest, and affable. 

Everyone dislikes a snob. In a blog post, the more personality you can convey, the better. You are not writing for your English professor from college. You're writing for the reader's delight. What a significant difference.

11. To convey a sense of urgency, turn off your laptop or set a kitchen timer. 

I reject the notion of "writer's block." I do, however, support "writer's procrastination." By challenging myself to a game, I stay on task. I turn off my laptop and begin to write. My laptop is outdated and has a limited battery life (about seventy minutes). Before the laptop dies, I have to finish my blog article. If you struggle with writer's block, give this game a shot. You will adore it. 12. Resolve issues. 

People deal with a wide range of issues. If your blog post helps the reader with an issue, you've done your job. 

13. Put an end to your self-promotion. Authors who constantly brag about themselves are disliked by readers. 

14. Write for your readership, not for Google. It could be tempting to pack keywords into your blog post's title or body in the hopes that Google will give you a high ranking for a certain term. Stop that immediately. The year 2007 has passed. You must now write with your reader in mind. If your audience values your work, Google will eventually catch up.

15. Prior starting writing, identify your ideal target audience. 

Be very specific. Which gender predominates in your audience? Old or young? Rich or poor? A high school dropout or well-educated? When developing your market character, the more detailed you can be, the better. 

16. Have a wonderful time! 


Blogging is similar to exercise. If you put off posting and have a negative attitude, it turns into a task you never want to accomplish. You'll have fun and look forward to blogging every day if you have a positive outlook and understand that it's not a life or death endeavor.


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