17 effective ways to reduce stress

All of us sometimes find ourselves in situations that throw us off balance. And it's good to have techniques in your arsenal that allow you to quickly return to a normal state.


17 effective ways to reduce stress


1.Breathe. Inhale for four seconds, then hold your breath for another four seconds; exhale for four seconds, then hold your breath again. Repeat three times, breathing in and out deeper and deeper. Sometimes all it takes is to allow yourself to pause and slow down at least a little.


2. use... the dumbest voice possible. Remember the exercise Professor Lupin used to give Hogwarts students so that they could overpower a boggart, a ghost that can turn into whatever one fears most? You had to present it in as funny a way as possible and cast the spell "Ridiculus!" In the case of stress, all you have to do is say the reason for it several times, but do it in as unpleasant, silly or funny a voice as possible - for example, the voice of a cartoon character. You can hardly take the stress factor as seriously after that.


3. Occupy your mind. For example, by watching an action movie or a movie in the "action" genre. Bright colors, loud sounds - anything, as long as you don't really think about it or worry about it.


4. Take a mental break. Go outside, meditate, or at least turn your back to your desk and do nothing for five minutes. No gadgets or lists of what to do next - let your mind wander, observe and rest.


5. Change your occupation. Clean up the house, go shopping, or finally change that lightbulb that's been blinking for days. That way you'll feel satisfied that at least you did something.


6. Take a car ride. Changing the picture works wonders, and sometimes it's helpful to literally distance yourself from your problems.


7. Exercise. Cardio exercise is particularly effective in reducing stress.


8. Get out into nature. Numerous studies confirm that being surrounded by trees or natural bodies of water is calming.


9. Take a nap. 20 minutes will be enough. Many of us just need a "reset" button in a stressful situation, and sleep does a great job.


10. Try to experience gratitude, pride or happiness. Yes, it's not easy in a stressful situation, but at least try to remember something that triggered those feelings in you. For example, it could be your accomplishments.


11. Give someone a hug. A hug releases oxytocin, a hormone that causes a feeling of satisfaction and reduces anxiety.


12. Give stress an outlet. Even if it requires yelling, beating a pillow or throwing something not heavy and not fragile - for example, the same pillows.


13. Do twice as much. Take up the cause of stress and treat the task as a workout: yes, sometimes you have to force yourself to do more sets and work up a good sweat, but the results are worth it.


14. Try to solve the problem. Or at least outline all the possible solutions. Don't let your brain give you more and more nightmarish scenarios of what can happen next, take control.


15. Try to let the situation go. If the problem can't be solved, that's probably the only thing left for us to do.


16. Ask for support. Dealing with stress alone can be too difficult, and you don't need to. Maybe it's time to tell those around you directly that you need help. You don't have to be "strong and independent" and solve all problems by yourself.


17. Act as a "better version of yourself." How would you like to handle this situation? How would you like to behave while solving problems? What qualities do you lack? Pretend like you have them. Create in your head a version of your "ideal self" and act on that image. You'll see, your stress level will drop considerably.


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