19 popular sauces of long-lived Caucasians

The special role of sauces and condiments in Caucasian cuisine                                                                    So, sauce is not an independent dish, but a condiment, without which no self-respecting meal in the Caucasus can do. It is a complex composition consisting of a base, for the preparation of which various meat, vegetable, fish or mushroom broths are used, tomatoes or tomato paste - for tomato sauces.

To make the sauce thicker, oil, sour cream or cream and milk are added to the base. And to make the sauce acquire a special, unique taste and flavor, spices are added to sauces. The list of spices can be very long. The most famous are pepper, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, parsley, dill, onion, garlic, tarragon.

It is difficult to imagine Caucasian cuisine without sauces, because they give it a unique color, juiciness and exquisite taste. Caucasian sauces are based entirely on natural fruit purees and juices, nuts and vegetable pastes with spices, they rarely contain flour, eggs or starch. Therefore, they are ideal for a healthy diet. People who are on a diet can not worry about extra calories and enjoy themselves every day with a new taste of diet dishes, dressing them with flavorful fruit and vegetable sauces. This is the rare case when the delicious is also useful!

Every national cuisine gives preference to certain spices, which are included in sauces and give a special national flavor to the dish. Often national sauces contain pieces of olives, pickles, paprika, onions, garlic. Such additives give the sauce a unique consistency and a special taste, which is associated in our minds not only with culinary preferences, but also with the cultural traditions of the people concerned.


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