20- Quotes about Russian women and their beauty

"The whole world has heard about the power of Russian women; that's why they are denied visas. Women of all nationalities hate them because beauty is unfair, and unfairness should be fought against." Frederic Beigbeder


"I am shocked. Just two days in Moscow, and I've never seen so many beautiful women and ugly men in my life." Karl Lagerfeld


"Russian women have a special combination of tenderness, strength and grace, passion and restraint, which makes them interesting and never banal. They bear the imprint of the depth of the complex Russian soul, which is so difficult to understand, and this gives them a special charm." Gianfranco Ferre


20 quotes about Russian women 20 quotes about Russian women


"Russian women are very passionate!" Carla Bruni


"Russians have always been underestimated, and yet they know how to keep secrets not only from their enemies, but also from their friends." Winston Churchill


"Apparently the most carefully guarded secret of Russia is this: women are not stupider or weaker than men - on the contrary. But no one has ever told the men that." Anne-Lena Loren


"I'm just fascinated by Russians. Their eternal 'all mine is yours' is intoxicating." Coco Chanel.


"I have noticed that all Russian women - whether they are tall or small, fat or thin, brunette or blonde, young or old - are sexy as hell!" Helen Mirren


"Russian women are magical! And they certainly have their own unique magic." Antonio Banderas


"Russian women are very beautiful, and there is a depth to them..." Keanu Reeves


"Russian women get foolish quickly, their beauty is only a glimpse, and, right, this is not from ethnographic features of the type alone, but also from the fact that they know how to love wholeheartedly. A Russian woman gives it all at once if she loves - a moment, and fate, and present, and future: they do not know how to save, they do not hide, and their beauty quickly goes to the one whom they love. Fyodor Dostoyevsky


"Russian women are very friendly with cosmetics, sometimes too friendly." Natalia Vodianova


"Blini, their meaning and purpose, are a woman's secret, such a secret that a man will hardly soon learn. Since prehistoric times, Russian women have sacredly guarded this secret, passing it from family to family no other way than through daughters and granddaughters. If, God forbid, even one man finds it out, something terrible will happen that even women cannot imagine. Not a wife, not a sister, not a daughter... no woman will give you this secret, no matter how dear you are to her, no matter how low she has fallen. It is impossible to buy or trade the secret. A woman will not utter it, neither in the heat of passion nor in her delirium. In short, it is the only secret that has managed for 1,000 years not to slip through such a frequent sieve as the beautiful half...!" Anton Chekhov


"She was born in Russia, where sunsets are slow, where dawn does not daze you with its suddenness and a phrase often remains unfinished because of the speaker's doubts as to how best to round it off..." Virginia Woolf


"The Russian character is an incessant ebb and flow, and the purely Russian phrase "Nothing!" expresses well the fatalism of these endless oscillations." John Galsworthy


"The Russian woman, by the very composition of her upbringing and life, too easily accepts the fate of a hoarder..." Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin


"A soul as pure as a spring, this is the peculiarity of Russian women." Fyodor Glinka

"It is hard for me to speculate whether Western women are more independent and self-sufficient and Russian women more soulful and affectionate. The only thing I know is that my girlfriend is Russian. And in my eyes she's perfect!" Enrique Iglesias


"I envy Russian men: they live in a rose garden, not understanding their happiness. And it's not just about appearance, Russian women are very beautiful internally. They are soulful, emotional, kind and very sentimental." Pierre Richard


"These Russians are like water, which fills any vessel, but does not retain the shape of any of them." Sigmund Freud


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