4- Best Games in 2021

Playstore is a center for raw applications from various sources that can be installed on mobile phones. One of them is a place for games. From year to year game performance is growing. Until now the number of games on the playstore is increasing. Anyone can download or delete it at any time. Some of the games that fall into the best category are :


         Mobile Legend is a "MOBA" game from Tencent which is played in the arena. Many heroes to choose from to play. Like Alice the magic of protection who acts as support. With three main capabilities that people can click on the right side of the screen. In this game there is no death unless respawnable. They will rise again after the blood runs out. Whoever is able to defeat the opposing tower first in a 3v3 arena will win. There is a ranking battle system that allows players to reach the top from bronze level to legend. More or less there are at least more than 100 heroes. Players can even choose the skins they like although some have to be purchased with money.


          Modern Combat is a first person shooter game from Gameloft with a wide variety of weapons. There are grenades, snipers, knives, bazookas. In a location that you can choose with the team. Until now modern kombat has reached version 5. With improved graphics and features


          World of King is an "MMORPG" game from Archosaur with a wide selection of characters. There are 3 characters, namely human, orc, and dwarf. Each with a choice of more characters. The world is wide enough for lovers of war. Like most other MMORPGs, there are lots of features including PVP.  One of the MMORPGs with a pretty charming design like the Playstation  


          Minecraft is a pixel game from Mojang where people are free creators. Anyone can shape buildings, boats, equipment, clothes, even wild animals. The only limit is imagination. Players roam the squares room with hammer in hand and destroy any box they want. Then combined into a new item. There are survival and creative modes. Survival makes players have to survive with a life limit. While creative is played without life.



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