4 methods of using Facebook hashtags for marketing purposes

One of the troubles with social media feeds is that it's unrealistic to organize them in any way. Posts about travel are mixed in with advertisements for events, and they are diluted by posts about the complexities of remote photography and SEAL work. One way to somehow organize the broadcast in your feed is through hashtags. Needless to say, they will not bring order to your feed, but some posts will be easier to find. Let's find out what hashtags are and what they are for.


What are hashtags on Facebook?

The # sign (grid symbol) placed in front of a word or phrase turns this word into a hashtag. The hashtag is used to quickly find themed posts. By adding the # sign, the word is converted into a link. By clicking on the link, it is possible to notice open (available to you) posts on Facebook that contain this hashtag.


Invented by Twitter in 2007, the hashtag has become an ergonomic method of organizing information on social networks. Hashtags can be used for the rubrication of posts, for marketing activities or easily to convey a mood (#grieved or #inspired).


It is important to distinguish between tags and hashtags. A tag begins with the @ sign and identifies a specific Facebook account. A hashtag starts with the # sign and can stand for anything. For example, @pepsi is the account of the manufacturer of a well-known drink, and #pepsi is a hashtag that anyone can tag any of their posts with.


Also, big brands make mistakes. Or don't want to tag other brands?


What exactly are hashtags

Hashtags can be divided into common and marketing hashtags. The former are used by everyone, the marketing ones are created by companies to promote a brand, advertise products, events, etc.


The surprise is that the consumption of hashtags is not regulated and not limited in any way. For example, tags of well-known companies such as #MTS, #Tinkoff or #aeroflot, can appear in personal posts, much more often of a negative nature. Therefore, one of the brand's responsibilities is to monitor the use of branded hashtags and respond to posts, if necessary.


Hashtags can be divided into a couple of groups depending on their purpose:


Brand: #aviasales, #mts, #alphabank, #interpult.

Subject, industry, niche: #furniture, #design, #kitchens, #travel.

Place (city, country, hotel): #pragaexcursions, #kings_and_kapusta_paris, #sochi, #montenegro2020.

Activity, campaign, event: #contest, #cybermarketing2019, #flashmob, #seoparty.

Rubric: #sunday reading, #group rules, #questionnaire, #beautifulbody.

Freeform: #mood, #talk, #spring, #what to read.

Sunday Reading.


This is where the hashtag is used to tag an ad post


Here's how you can use hashtags on Facebook for marketing purposes:


1. Expanding audience reach

Hashtags are a good method of finding people who are interested in your topic. For this, you should use common thematic hashtags that are not tied to your brand. Of course, that such tags can be used by different people, and then look for them. Hashtags in your post will allow those who know nothing about you to get into the feed.


Track the emergence of new readers is possible in Facebook Insights, paying attention to the impact of hashtags on your posts.


2. Spreading the word about the brand.

If you're planning to promote some new product or idea, it's helpful to place a special hashtag on your Facebook page. Including it in any of your posts about the new product, you distribute the data in a user-friendly way - now they can easily share with their friends only those that relate to the product or idea.


Carefully consider what could be of interest to users so that they want to share it with each other. If your posts are too promotional, if they do not contain any useful information, it is unlikely that people will repost them.


Note - a small travel agency maintains a couple of necessary headings and additionally duplicates the hashtags on the pictures.


Integration with several social networks.

If you've already used hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, you'll easily get used to using them on Facebook as well. And the ability to publish the same content on several sites saves a lot of time.


And despite the fact that it is not recommended to do so with each post on Facebook, it is perfectly possible to sometimes publish a single post on several social networks.


If you maintain channels in different social networks, try to keep the same hashtags everywhere. Hashtags should be placed especially carefully in promotional posts.


4. Promoting events, other activities and contests

You have an opportunity to use a special hashtag in your posts to promote and highlight an event.


It is possible to use a special hashtag to promote events. Invite participants to post from the event with your hashtag - on any social networking site where you have a presence.


Facebook post.


Post with the same hashtag on Instagram


Hashtags are comfortable to use for organizing contests. The hashtag #contest is needed


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