5 Different Types of Chicken Curry Recipes Made in Different Regions of India

A wholesome Indian meal is incomplete without the different spicy curries. There is a special place in every non-vegetarian foodie's heart for chicken curries. Now, there are a variety of curries that are prepared with different spices and condiments. When it comes to chicken curry, every Indian region has its own version. Nevertheless, they are all tasty and distinct from each other. Every state or city of India has a different way of approaching the usual chicken curry. There is no one way to make it, and this is what makes chicken curries one of the most loved delicacies in the country.

Types of Curry

Let's take a look at a few different chicken curry types that are made in different regions of India. Sooriyadai Chicken Curry While no other curry in India is as much talked about as the famous Andhra chicken curry, it is the Sooriyadai Chicken Curry that steals the show in the South India region. The vegetarian Sooriyadai Chicken curry is prepared by deep-frying the chicken legs and thighs with a mixture of spices, including cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This is a very popular dish, especially in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Hinglish Chicken Curry If you don't know what hinglish means, it means a language mixed with English and another language. So, hinglish is a chicken curry dish made with hing which is a mixture of pepper and cumin seeds.


North Indian Chicken Curry

This is one of the most popular curries for Indian cuisine. Chicken is the most commonly used meat in this curd, but some regional versions contain mutton. Either way, chicken in this delicious gravy is gently cooked for a long time. Chicken is not just served with dal but also with naan. The soup usually has onion, ginger, garlic and other spices. Different condiments are sprinkled to complete the dish. As this curry is prepared with chicken, the chicken also contains cream. This makes it a rich dish that is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Tamil Chicken Curry An ideal dish for the rainy season, this curd is well-known for its buttery taste. The richness of the dish can only be achieved with butter and cream. Tamil cuisine is known for its rich use of cream and butter.


South Indian Chicken Curry

Chicken curries with spices and coconut milk in South India are probably the best-loved curries in the country. A popular dish is chicken aloo (potato curry), which is a popular chicken curry in most households. However, the locals prefer chicken tikka masala with minced onions. The red color of the curry is quite distinct, and it has various spices, with roasted cumin seeds, coriander, and bay leaves. In Tamil Nadu, there is a butter chicken or marinated chicken dish. Moreover, the simple and rustic chicken curry is the specialty of the Bangaloreans. This is a dish made with fresh chicken pieces with tomato gravy. In Kerala, the chicken curry is mildly spiced, with chili powder and curry leaves added in. The Kerala version uses a type of sautéed chicken cutlet which is ground to a paste.


Mixing and Matching Different Curries

Even though the spice mixes are the same, the regional cooking styles of the people of each state have some sort of variations. This means that you should not be afraid of mixing and matching different curries. Having different curries on your dinner table helps you break the monotony. You can pick your favorite and go for it! This is quite common and enjoyable in the south of the country, especially Kerala and Karnataka. In Kerala, curries are prepared with coconut milk and spices like ginger, garlic, shallots, cardamom, and bay leaves. With butter, curry leaves, curry leaves, curry leaves, they are stewed until the thick and watery consistency is attained. For Kerala-style chicken curry, onions are fried separately.


The Difference between Mughlai and Kerala Style

Kerala and Mughlai cooking styles come with their own unique recipes, but each state had a special recipe made by their native cooks. There are several chicken curries that have originated in Kerala or Mughlai region, like Mysore chicken, Bangalore chicken curry, Poultry tikka, etc. In Kerala, chicken curries are very special and elaborate. The best curry one can make is the Kerala chicken curry with coconut and ginger paste. So, don't get confused about which one is more appropriate in any part of the country. Each state has their own traditional recipes for chicken curries, but there are also a few variations that can be made. This is one important difference that should be taken into consideration before going out with your friends for a new curry.



So, chicken curry is the best and easiest way to please your taste buds! It is such a delicacy and no one can really say it's difficult. You can make it with your own hands and you can even customize it if you are not satisfied with the taste. But, you should not attempt to prepare it if you are pregnant or nursing a small child.


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