5 Lessons from Liverpool vs Chelsea Draw: Two Champions Are Equally Strong!

ran fiercely as expected, did not disappoint. Unfortunately the final score of 1-1 forced both teams to share a point in this match.


Chelsea took the lead first through Kai Havertz's action in the 22nd minute, then the Reds equalized through Mohamed Salah's penalty at the end of the first half. Salah's penalty goal came from a Reece James violation which led to a red card. As a result, Chelsea had to play with 10 men in the second half, an adverse condition.


Even so, Chelsea's defense proved very solid in the second half. Liverpool could not dismantle the Chelsea defense that appeared with only 10 players.


Therefore, this match proves the balanced strength of the two tough teams who are potential champions this season. There are at least 5 important lessons from this 1-1 draw, what are they? This match can be considered as a power struggle between two potential champions. Both Liverpool and Chelsea both have enough strength to compete for trophies this season.


Evidently, this match must end in a draw. Both teams performed equally well by maximizing their respective advantages.


Liverpool and Chelsea attacked each other in the first 45 minutes. Unfortunately this match was not balanced in the second half because Chelsea had to appear with 10 players. Although playing with 10 players in the second half, Chelsea deserves thumbs up. Tuchel proved that his team was complete, not only good in attack.


During the second 45 minutes, Chelsea were mostly locked up by Liverpool because they were outnumbered by players. However, this is not a problem for Thiago Silva et al.


The Blues could defend very well, neutralizing any Liverpool threat. The Reds' attack line could not find a gap to create mature opportunities. Besides Chelsea's defense, what also needs to be considered is the strength of the Liverpool attack line. Despite only scoring a penalty goal, the Reds this season seem to be returning to their identity.


Last season Liverpool struggled in every line, including the attack line. Even last season only Mohamed Salah could still score a lot of goals.


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