5 places in your Android/IOS smartphone that need to be cleaned periodically

If you want your smartphone to work long and error-free, you need to take care of it. Many people forget that a smartphone is practically a classic computer in miniature, and any system needs a little care.

I'll tell you what places you need to clean to keep your device running smoothly.

App cache. Every app saves the data it needs to run in its cache. It is needed so that the program does not constantly calculate the data it needs - it is enough to calculate them once and save them in the cache.

Over time the cache gets bloated, the smartphone works slowly and there is less and less memory space left. Once a month, it is advisable to go to the settings of your smartphone, go to "Applications", select the main programs you use and clear the cache. SMS messages. SMS messages themselves do not take up much space, but if there are too many of them, then the device will lag. Delete unnecessary SMS messages. To be honest - you shouldn't store them at all, only as part of some evidence.

For example, you have made a payment and have not yet received the product or service, keep the SMS. But definitely do not store important data in the messages, it is better to save them in a more secure place.

Media files in messengers. Many messengers by default save all media files in smartphone memory. Yes, this is disabled in the settings, but not always convenient for the user.

I recommend cleaning up unnecessary photos, videos and voice messages in the settings of messengers as they accumulate.

Do not forget that many modern smartphones have a recycle garbage can. It contains deleted files. As a rule, the trash is located in the "Gallery" section or has a separate folder "Recently deleted".

In most cases, the garbage can itself is deleted after 30 days, but if you are constantly deleting files, it is better to clean it periodically.

Well, if you don't have enough free space on your smartphone, you can always expand it with a suitable memory card.

If you are downloading something using a mobile browser or an app, there is also a "Downloads" folder, which should also be cleaned as needed. You can find it using the standard Android Explorer or by installing special applications such as Total Commander or File Manager.



The more small files on your device, the slower it works. Even if objects don't take up much space, your device still wastes time dealing with them, so it's better to delete what you don't need.

Also, don't fill your device's memory "to the brim". Leave at least 10 gigabytes of free space, this is necessary for the normal operation of the system. When the memory is 99% full, it's hard for the controller to get the data it needs quickly.

In addition, the less free space on the device, the faster the memory will degrade - such is the peculiarity of flash memory.

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