5 tips for independent interior design, or how to create a unique atmosphere in your home

1. Get inspired

The worst thing you can do is to start arranging the interior without prior inspiration. On the one hand, we know that our interior should be cozy, spacious and we want to spend time in it, but on the other hand, we cannot determine exactly what we mean. That's why it's so important to browse blogs, catalogs, or even Pinterest.

We can also go even further and decide to visit the interior gallery . It's a fun way to get a really big dose of inspiration. In such a place we can come into contact with living and tangible materials, colors and shapes. The arrangement of the interior after returning from such a gallery may be 100 times easier. We already know what combinations of colors and raw materials we like and what kind of climate we will achieve thanks to them. Perhaps we already know what style will prevail in our house.

2. Choose a lead style

The leading style of an apartment or house is a key issue. Thanks to this, we will avoid seemingly uninteresting combinations that have nothing to do with each other. It is true that it is acceptable to combine different styles in interior design. However, this should be done by slightly more experienced designers. Well, unless we are sure that a particular set will look good. Otherwise, it is better not to take risks.

When choosing a style, do not forget to be guided by your own taste. This will save us from feeling disappointed with the final result of the interior. If we love bright colors and deep down we know that a modern minimalist style dominated by white and black is not for us, then let's not decide on it just because it looks beautiful in the photo. Many people like monochrome rooms, for example, all in white. Others would feel like they were in a hospital. So choose wisely.

3. Highlight the most important

Interior design is an art. So the point is not to arrange all the furniture from one set against the wall. Sometimes it is worth highlighting what plays a leading role in the room. It can be an impressive crystal chandelier, if, for example, we choose a glamorous style. It can be a sofa and armchairs that attract attention with designer patterns or decorations. Then we should be able to say that this piece of furniture, which is the pride of this room, should stand in the center of the room.

4. Remember about jewelry

Many people forget that interior design is not only basic furniture. The selected accessories are also important, but at the same time they cannot create the impression of clutteriness of the interior. Therefore, choose the right jewelry with moderation and courage. In many interiors, vegetation adds charm. We can decide to make it a leitmotif. Then it's worth investing in decorative pillows or curtains with this theme. These types of links contribute a lot to the overall interior design .

5. Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting is another important thing that should not be neglected if we just want to enjoy a really stylish interior. In some places, additional lighting is required. This can significantly change how we will feel in this room and what its climate will be. Thanks to the lighting, we can create a sense of spaciousness or, conversely, optically reduce the room.

For example, when visiting an interior gallery, we can notice how much the skillful play with light gives. It's worth it, for example. There, most often, a floor lamp is ideal, adding comfort to the entire arrangement. We can also choose wall lamps, which we will place symmetrically on both sides of an interesting picture that makes us proud. When it comes to a more modern atmosphere, an interesting idea is to use LEDs. Using them, we can create a truly unique interior that will delight many guests.


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