5 tokens that will grow stronger than Bitcoin by 2023

Many cryptocurrencies are currently in a strong correction phase as of early 2022. At the same time, they are fundamentally backed by very strong projects that are developing according to the roadmap and have useful functionality for the crypto world.


Everyone is waiting for Bitcoin to grow, but considering how much investors have already invested in it, it is quite difficult to expect 200-300% or more in a relatively short period of time.

I want to share with you which cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, are able to rise in price by 500-1000% already in the next growth cycle of the crypto market. And, in a favorable scenario, this could happen as early as the end of 2022-the beginning of 2023.

And right away, a small bonus! Some coins from this top can be poisoned in staking. How to do it?

104% per annum on staking! Step-by-step algorithm for a deposit in the crypt

So, let's go from the 5th place!

5th place — ADA (Cardano)

ADA (Cardano)

At the moment, it is one of the most underrated violas. Judging by the indicators, about 26% of long-term ADA holders are at a loss. This was not the case even in the pandemic year 2020, when the markets had the strongest recession.

Cardano is a technological platform that allows you to run applications. Supports smart contracts. The advantage over ETH is in the speed and cost of transactions, as well as flexibility for modernization.

The current value of the coin is $1.15.

The correction from the highs of $3.09 is more than 60%.

Capitalization – $ 38 billion

Price forecast: 5-7$ (up to 700%)

4th place — FTM (Fantom)

I did a separate review about this project on my channel.

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I won't elaborate on why I'm betting on this project, but in short, Fantom is a high–performance platform with smart contracts that solves the problem of speed and scalability.

The current value of the coin is $2.13.

The correction from the highs of $3.48 is 38%.

Capitalization – $ 5.4 billion

Price forecast: $15-25 (up to 1200%)

3rd place — DYDX


In third place is the native token of the decentralized exchange DYDX.

With the development of the crypto market, more and more states are introducing control and regulation over transactions with cryptocurrencies. Decentralized exchanges are the future of trading.

They allow you to make anonymous transactions with cryptocurrencies with full control over your finances. Asset management does not require intermediaries, which is the main principle of blockchain technologies.

The current value of the coin is $7.6.

The correction from the highs of $27.85 is 72%.

Capitalization – $ 0.5 billion

Price forecast: $20-30 on average or 90-140 in 3-5 years (up to 2000%)

By the way, the DYDX token can be sent to staking and receive additional income for holding up to 25% per annum! About this in detail in the article — 104% per annum on staking! Step-by-step algorithm for a deposit in the crypt

2nd place — 1INCH


The 1INCH project continues and develops the topic of decentralized finance.

This is a project aggregator of decentralized exchanges, combining them into one platform.

If we are talking about the prospects for the development of DEX exchanges, then the aggregator, which has a price comparison functionality and allows you to choose the best exchange option without the need for manual comparison, has a huge development potential together with the entire industry.

The project is young, and the number of users will grow many times. Investments in 1INCH come from many institutional investors. Capitalization and price will grow.

The current value of the coin is $1.8.

The correction from the highs of $7.72 is 77%.

Capitalization – 0.85 billion $

Price forecast: $15-75 (up to 5000%)

1st place — ETH (Etherium)

I decided to put altcoin with the largest capitalization in the first place. The first altcoin with smart contracts. An ambitious and promising blockchain that seeks to use cryptocurrency in a variety of areas. Constantly evolving and improving.

Many projects have been called "Ether killers", but ETH remains the main blockchain for creating applications and the second most capitalized cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

The launch of hard forks, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and altcoins in particular, the breadth of use of ETH - all this makes the project promising and worthy of long–term investment.

The current value of the coin is $3073.

The correction from the highs of $4850 is 37%.

Capitalization – $ 370 billion

Price forecast: 5500-12 000$ (up to 400%)

When and how to buy the TOP 5 cryptocurrencies?

I want to note that we are talking about long-term investment in these projects, and not trading speculation.

As practice and experience show, over a long distance, the strategy of retention and averaging on drawdowns shows greater profitability than scalping and intraday trading.

When investing in cryptocurrencies, you do not need to purchase a position for the entire deposit. Enter the ladder, constantly averaging the price. No analyst can predict the ideal entry point.

By leaving part of the deposit for averaging, you give yourself the opportunity to improve the entry point and reduce the average position price for you.

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