A Common Problem Like Stress Is Very Easy To Avoid

A Common Problem Like Stress Is Very Easy To Avoid


We all experience stress, even children can show sign of it.

Whether it is busy day-to-day life, managing finances, or a bad relationship with a relative, the cause of stress could be anything. By the way, minor stress is not harmful but helps a person to cope with situations, but too much or chronic stress can have negative effects on the personality, physically and mentally, and also increases the risk of being affected by various diseases.

This is the reason why controlling it, has beneficial effects on both health and personality.

Keeping stress under control stabilizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Following are some of the best and easiest ways to keep stress under control 


Get help from chewing gum

Try chewing gum if feeling stressed. According to research reports, chewing gum reduces anxiety and stress. Experts believe that moving the jaw improves blood flow to the brain, while the smell and taste of it also help to calm the mind.


Get out of the house

Spending time outdoors also reduces stress. Going to a park or a recreational area or just going outside for a short walk can also help in managing stress.


Don't forget to smile 

If you are facing a difficult time, a smile on your face can reduce stress. Smiling activates the muscles of the face and eyes, which reduces the intensity of the body's responses to stress.

Spreading the lips like a smile has the same benefit, while a genuine smile lowers the heart rate, which also helps in managing stress.


Smell good

Inhaling specific scents such as lavender is relaxing. One study found that the use of lavender oil reduces the intensity of stress.


Soothing Music is also useful

Facing a stressful situation? So musicians help keep you calm. A study found that listening to slow music during stressful situations reduces the amount of stress hormones in the body.


Breathing can also help

Breathing techniques also help in controlling stress. For this, sit somewhere quietly and inhale slowly through the nose and then exhale slowly. Repeating this process 10 times helps to control the tension.


Write down your thoughts

Writing down your thoughts also helps you to manage stress.

Writing your feelings down on paper helps you to plan better how you’ll solve the problem.

If you don't like to write on paper, you can also write down your thoughts on a smartphones app or laptop. But it is important to write down your feelings honestly.


Talk to a friend

When stress feels overwhelming, talk to a friend or loved one. Talking to someone reduces feelings of loneliness and stress


Think positive

Positive thoughts and self-talk help keep yourself calm.

According to experts, talking to yourself often helps to overcome problems, but it is important to avoid thinking of yourself as bad.


Do exercise

Physical activity has a positive effect on mood and helps prevent negative thoughts.

Taking a short walk or going to the gym to exercise can help to keep stress under control.



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