A selection of horror movies. Five films for fans of the genre

The Bay


horror, sci-fi, thriller

2012 directed by Barry Levinson .

IMDb - 5.7.

A small town on the shore of the bay is subjected to a terrifying infestation of vermin. And the reason is the dumping of chicken droppings into the water at one of the poultry farms. The birds were fed steroids that accelerate growth and somehow the common sea parasites began to mutate. People began contracting parasites through fish and other seafood eaten.


The city is overwhelmed with terrible cases of people dying; it is as if they are being eaten from the inside out. People are bleeding; hospitals are overcrowded; authorities have been forced to block the region.


And during all this horror, the protagonists of the picture, unsuspecting arrive in the city from the side of the bay on a yacht and, respectively, about no quarantine and no parasites they did not listen.


"After "The Boy" (The Boy).

USA, Canada, China

horror, thriller, detective

2016 directed by William Brent Bell .

IMDb - 6.0.

The main character of the picture gets a job. A job as a nanny, nothing complicated, but in our particular case the specifics are present.


Arriving for an interview, she discovers that the nanny is needed not for a child but for a doll. The elderly parents have lost their own son. Now they have a doll, which they love no less than they loved their own son, the doll and call the same.


So, the parents go away for a while and ask the nanny to look after their "son" while they are away. There are a number of certain rules and regulations that should not be broken under any circumstances.


Upon breaking the all-too-breaking rules, the protagonist encounters something supernatural and frightening.


"Until the Devil Calls" (Sebelum Iblis Menjemput)



2018 directed by Timo Thiajanto .

IMDb - 6.0.

A businessman, husband and father who wants to succeed in life makes a deal with the "devil". The frightening ritual passes and as a consequence he becomes successful and rich. But everything has to pay for everything and he could not be unaware of this.


The man leaves his family and goes to another woman. Meanwhile, his former wife commits suicide and the "guilty party" finds himself in a hospital bed with an unknown infection.


Everything comes back to the very house where the protagonist once went on a terrible deal. Of course the relatives couldn't help but look into the boarded-up basement where it all happened.


"Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital" (Gonjiam)

Republic of Korea


2018 directed by Jung Bom-shik .

IMDb - 6.3.

The story of a psychiatric institution with the same name, which was closed in the recent past after the disappearance of patients and doctors without a trace.


After the incident, this place is considered cursed and sane people bypass it, fearing and fearing. But that's no reason at all for a group of young people willing to do anything for views and likes. Armed with gadgets and cameras, they went inside to find out about people's prejudices. And most importantly, they took photos and posted them online.


The consequences of such a trip for the daredevils would be very unpredictable.


"I Hear Voices" (Voces)



2020 directed by Angel Gomez Hernandez.

IMDb - 6.1.

The main character together with his wife and son move into a new house. By his occupation, the head of the family is a "restorer" of country houses. He picks up a house, moves in, and begins, as they say, "to bring it to mind" with one goal - to sell profitably.


Soon the son declares to his parents that he hears voices, and of course, his parents attribute everything to the boy's big imagination. But after a tragic story that happened to the family, the voices start to be heard by the boy's father.


To understand the situation requires the help of a specialist. The man turns to a renowned specialist who deals with the incomprehensible manifestations of all sorts of entities.


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